Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Woolwich Terror attack

Like may people, I have been shocked by the brutal attack in Woolwich today. Firstly my condolences go out to the family of the victim. It seems that this brutal attack was a rather cowardly and despicable operation, where a man minding his own business was cut down without even the slightest care for children in a school nearby.

I doubt that many Jihadists read the Barnet Eye for inspiration. Just in case they do, I have a stark message for them. You will never succeed. You will never be anything more than a turd on the shoe of history. What you stand for is abhorrent to the vast majority of people in all communities in the UK. Even more stark is the fact that history shows that whatever violence, terror or outrage is thrown at Londoners, we pull together and rise above it. If the full might of the Nazi war machine in its prime and in its pomp could not destroy the spirit of London, conducting bombing raids, night and day for months on end, then however horrible todays attack may be, it is just a sad, pathetic footnote on a sad pathetic campaign.

What do Islamic Jihadists want? They want the non muslim population of London to turn on decent upstanding muslim residents and force them into their  bed, adopting their sick ideology. Anyone who falls for such provocation is simply giving these butchers what they want. London has a large muslim community, the vast majority of whom have chosen London as a home, because they love freedom and tolerance. A tiny minority of this community, hate and despise the fact that muslims in London are happier and healthier than in the many countries with an Islamic constitution. Rather than accept the right of every human being to make their own decisions, they seek to sow division and hatred.

Tonights news showed pictures of the EDL rioting in response to the attack. Whilst I understand the revulsion that drives the EDL to demonstrate, I reject their solutions. They are reacting in exactly the way these butchers want us to react. The rational response is to allow the Police to do their job and justice to take its course. All of the muslims I know are horrified by these barbaric acts, they reject the mindset that perpetrates them. If we all stand together against this tiny,deranged minority, we will win. I have no doubt that Londoners will rise once again to this challenge.


Morris Hickey said...

Well said Rog. From a part of London that has a very large Muslim community I support and agree with every word in your piece.

The World Around Me said...

This was a very insightful article.