Sunday, 6 April 2014

Maria Miller has got to go

Cabinet Minister Maria Miller, scheduled to be the guest of honour for a fundraising dinner for Conservative MP Matthew Offord last week is a disgrace and should be sacked by David Cameron. Ms Miller has been exposed as someone who has played fast and loose with the rules regarding expenses. I don't believe that anyone caught fiddling thousands of pounds in expenses in the world of private industry would survive.

I am particularly shocked at the silence of Matthew Offord on the subject. Despite my many differences on issues of policy with Matthew, I've always respected his attitude towards expenses. He has been very frugal in his claims, using this as a stick to beat his Hendon opponenent and rival Andrew Dismore. Mr Offords total silence in regard of Ms Miller shows a double standard that I don't believe the electorate will overlook.

You cannot claim an opponent is unelectable as a result of their attitude to expenses, whilst forgiving the sins of your mates. The replacement for Miller at the Hendon Tories dinner, Gillian Grant also has 'form' for playing fast and loose with expenses.

The Barnet Eye had a public flling out with Mr Dismore in 2009 over his expenses. We believe that he's learned his lesson. We felt that Mr Offord, for all his sins, had an exemplary record on the issue. Now we see he uses double standards for his mates. When the campaign gets dirty, this will come back to haunt him

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