Thursday, 1 March 2018

Urgent appeal for donations from Colindale Foodbank

The Barnet Eye charity of the year are our friends down at the Colindale Foodbank. We do what we can to help our friends.
They have put out an urgent tweet today. We hope that all of our readers respond with their usual generosity. If you do not already follow The Colindale Foodbank on Twitter, please make the effort to. They are a great local charity, with miniscule admin overheads  helping those most at risk in our community. 

Helping is really easy. The first weekend of every month, there is a collection for Colindale Foodbank in Mill Hill. The Sacred Heart RC Church on the Broadway is a designated collection point. You can just drop a bag of provisions into the narthex (lobby area by doors) or leave it at the Presbertery. The church is the Mill Hill collection point.

Find out more about the foodbank - - which has done fantastic work distributing food to the most needy people in Barnet. This has been supported by people all across the Borough.

There are several other drop off points for Colindale Foodbank, if Mill Hill is not convenient

Waitrose, 2 Langston Way, Mill Hill East - Hours - 0800 – 2100 front of store near exits
Tesco, Brent Cross Hendon Way Superstore  - Hours - 24 hours inside store
Trinity Church, Northwest Centre, NW9 5QY Tues & Thurs 12-2:30pm

Chipping Barnet Foodbank

Chipping Barnet Foodbank Logo
If you are on the Eastern side of the Borough, there is also a Chipping Barnet foodbank
 Mary Immaculate and St Peter
63 Somerset Road
New Barnet

Other items that are required.
UHT/Powedered Milk
Sponge Pudding (tinned)
Tomatoes (tinned)
Rice pudding (tinned)
Instant Mash potatoes
Tinned meat and fish
Tinned Vegetables
Biscuits or snack bars

There is also a need for toiletries and babies nappies size 3, 4 and 5
Currently they do not need Beans & Sugar.

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