Monday 3 April 2017

Sorry, but we are going nowhere

On Saturday, I posted the traditional April Fool spoof, announcing the end of the Barnet Eye. Due to a combination of misfortune and circumstance, I was unable to post the intended follow up. On Saturday, we took a Pullma train from Mill Hill to Bristol and back, to celebrate my wife's birthday. Part of the deal was no blogging! I had intended to write this yesteday, however my daughter had a serious accident in Leeds and we had to hack up th motorway. Fortunately it is not as serious as was first thought, although she faces an operation on a badly broken arm. My family always takes precedence. We brought her home last night and we are off to Barnet General in a minute, to try and sort out the op.

Once again, the NHS proved it's worth. How could I possibly stop writing a blog with the NHS in such dire danger from the government. I don't believe that my little blog can save the NHS, but I do believe that if the millions of people like me who care do something and make their voices heard, we can make a difference. In the last month, this blog had 38,698 views. Our guest blog from Friday on Church Farm Museum had a huge response. These are reasons why I know the blog is still hugely relevant and important in the life of the London Borough of Barnet.

How could I possibly sleep at night, knowing that I knew of such stories, but couldn't be bothered to post them. There are three circumstances in which I'd end the blog. 1. Death or serious illness. 2. If no one was reading it. 3. If people I trust advised me that it was no longer a force for good. As far as I am aware, no such circumstances exist. I made a personal commitment to the people of Barnet to write this blog so that we could be informed of good things in the community, be aware of the bad things in our community, share info on the local arts and culture, campaign for good causes and have some fun. To quote Judge Dredd fro 2000AD, I may be old, I may be past it, I may have slowed down, but I am not a quitter!

We are going nowhere. Over the next few days, due to the cicumstances mentioned at the top, we may be less prolific than usual. If I do decide to cease the blog for reasons other than eath or incapacity, I will give an explanation. If you have a guest blog, now would be  a great time to send it, as a bit of help with the workload would be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

We still want an explanation from you if it is death or incapacity.