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The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet

Here's the blog you've been waiting all week for !!!!!

1. Much to our surprise, the tweet of the week is from Mike Freer MP. This is a cracker! I didn't know Mike could be so witty!

Wonder if Mark Reckless has discussed deporting Mrs Farage. Isn't she German?

2.  And the runner up is from the Tweets MP's delete account. We already covered this, but it is now preserved for posterity. Matthew Offord MP at his best !
DT : Yasmin Le Bon, 50 and Christy Turlington, 45, match in green ...

 3. A beautiful sunrise over North Finchley - our phototweet of the week !

Beautiful sunrise today. 
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4. Mr Mustard tells us how good he's got at winning parking fine appeals

have contested 198 PCN in 2014, lost 4, won 194 (and told a dozen people just to pay up). Next year will be different. Educational year 4u

5. Deputy Leader of Barnet Council gives us a nice picture of him and his boss
With at City Hall earlier today to progress Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration



6. The Dark Lord of Barnet decries the puzzled music policy of Barnet Pubs

No bands playing in Barnet on Friday night but two pubs competing for local live music fans tonight - makes no sense!

7. Mose Fanfan with an international mega hit recorded in Mill Hill. Have a listen, you'll recognise it - Africa Moto 

Recognise this worldwide hit Africa Moto by Mose Fanfan - recorded at Mill Hill Music Complex

8. Disturbing signs that Barnet Labour have learned nothing from the May2014 Council election debacle

Strong support for & on the phones tonight. Childs Hill turning from yellow & blue into a nice shade of red!

9. Great ariel pictures of Edgware

10. And finally..... Is there no end to the Computer problems at Barnet Council?

The Barnet committee papers site is out of service temporarily. Our supplier is working to resolve this problem ASAP

The biggest Care Home scandal of all

Although my father passed away in 1987, there is probably not a day when I don't think about him. When Iw as growing up, he was a massive figure in my life. He was far from perfect, but I doubt there is a man in the world I could possibly admire more, despite all his many faults. Many of the throwaway things he would say have stuck with me. I remember him once saying that truly wise men don't say very much. I found this to be a strange thing to say and asked him why. He said that this was because they were thinking things through before they said them.

Often it is such wisdom that gets passed by, missed or disregarded in the barrage of noise we hear from the less insightful people in our world, who gobble up our band width. To learn we have to listen. So it was that I found myself at my brother in law's mums funeral on Wednesday. He gave a very nice eulogy about his mother and her life. At the end of it though, he chose to make a point to the gathered congregation about the treatment of his mother, who had spent the last three years of her life in a care home.

Like many of us, his mother had struggled at the end of her life with the issues of age and dementia. His father had made sure provision was made for her and she wisely took the decision to move to a care home, when she realised that living independently was too much of a struggle. We are all aware of the horror stories of mistreatment we hear about when frail and elderly people enter such establishments. The terrible stories of abuse, the shocking footage of the vulnerable being subjected to the most vile and inhuman acts. For many of us, when we think of the old and infirm in cafre homes, we have images of unhappy folk staring blankly at TV's, smelling of wee and simply counting down the days till they pop their clogs and they are no longer a burden on anyone.

And this was the point my brother in law chose to address. For me it made me reailse that there is actually a far bigger scandal than any of the horror stories we hear. You see my brother in law sought to tell us that we never hear the other side of the story. We never hear of the vast majority of care homes, where the staff do care, the residents are not mistreated and nothing is too much trouble. We never hear about all of the staff who have gone into the business because they want to make a difference, they want to care for people and they want to ensure that the people we haven't got time for in our busy lives are safe, secure and comfortable. My brother in law told me that his mother had been treated impeccably. That the staff had gone way beyond his expectations to ensure that his mum was happy and well looked after. At the reception afterward, I discussed the issue with him. He said that he'd been at the home and he'd realised just how fantastic the staff were, when he saw them taking an old lady of 100 out for a birthday party. She was in a world of her own, but as she was leaving, one of the staff was picking little bits of fluff off teh back of her coat, so she looked as spic and span as possible. It brought home to him that they really did care, who would have noticed a couple of bits of fluff on the back of an centenarians coat?

As I thought about it, I realised that the real scandal is that we don't appreciate such people. I've been to dozens of funerals over the course of my life. Often doctors are praised. Family carers are praise. Priests and Vicars are praised. How often though, do we forget to thank those people who do the daily mundane tasks in the lives of those we love, who can't care for themselves. As I thought it through, I realised that there was more to this scandal than even perhaps my brother in law had considered as he gave his moving eulogy. You see for many such establishments are kept running by an army of low paid staff. Often at many establishments, the cleaners and carers are on the minimum wage. Often they effectively work for less, as they will work beyond the hours they are contracted to and not get paid for it. They will pick up items from the shops for the residents and run errands in their own time.

We live in a society where we are happy to rely on such people, but we are not prepared to give them the financial reward which such a contribution deserves. A person working 35 hours a week on the national minimum wage earns £985 a month. The average price for a one bedroom flat in Mill Hill is £261,000 which means that it is 22 times the salary of a person on the minimum wage.  So we have created a society where someone doing a vital job can never expect to afford to buy their own property. In effect property prices have created a new underclass of people and that gap is ever widening. If you think it all through logically, we will sooner or later reach a point where there simply won't be any staff to run institutions such as that which my brother in law's mum saw her days out in. Our society needs to seriously look at the fairness of such a situation. If you look at the estate agents windows in Mill Hill, they are full of glorious properties. Isn't it a scandal that not one of these can be afforded by anyone earning what the government has declared as the legal minimum. Barnet Council has recently declared that it aims to set rents in the social housing sector, where many people in low paid and caring professions live, at 80% of the market value. You don't have to be a genius to work out that this will in effect cause a flight of people from the area who simply cannot afford to live in Barnet. However you look at it, this can only undermine society and make those who are vulnerable less safe.

At a recent meeting one of our Conservative  Councllors suggested that this was simply a question of supply and demand and if those on low pay don't like it, they should move to a cheaper area. To me this abhorrent. If we price the less well off out of areas such as Barnet, we end up creating ghettos of poverty. Ultimately this will cause all manner of social problems. Forcing people to move away from friends, family and their caring support networks is perhaps the biggest false economy of all. When my children were young, I benefitted from having both my mother and my wifes parents locally. My mother would cook meals for my wife after the children were born, her mum would babysit. When our parents became ill, we repayed the favour and cared for them. This saved the state a fortune, as if we'd been foced out of the area, the state would have had to pick up the bill.  The government and locla authorities must seek to stop this process of destroying society by social exclusion. They must take urgent action to address the unfairness of low pay and high housing costs. They must build a society where the workers at care homes such as that where my brother in law's mum lived can have a decent standard of living. I don't think there is any excuse for the type of care home scandal I talked about at the top of this article. I also don't believe that there is any excuse for any of us to turn a blind eye to the social injustice that those in the caring professions are suffering either. I happen to believe that if staff are well rewarded and made to feel valued by their employers and by society at large, they are far more likely to take pride in their work and go the extra mile to ensure that the people they care for are happy and well looked after.

I started this article by talking about wisdom and thinking things through before speaking about them. My brother in law gave a very thought provoking eulogy. The only conclusion I can draw from his words is that ultimately we need to build a fairer society. If we dont want "care home scandals" ultimately we need to build a society where we all buy into the idea of fairness and dignity. We don't at the moment and that is the biggest scandal of all.

Friday, 21 November 2014

The Friday Joke - 21/12/2014 - Negative People !

This is something to think about when negative people are doing their best to rain on your parade. So remember this story the next time someone who knows nothing and cares less tries to make your life miserable..
A woman was at her hairdresser's getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her husband.. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser, who responded:

" Rome ? Why would anyone want to go there? It's crowded and dirty.. You're crazy to go to Rome . So, how are you getting there?"

"We're taking Continental," was the reply. "We got a great rate!"

"Continental?" exclaimed the hairdresser." That's a terrible airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly, and they're always late. So, where are you staying in Rome ?"

"We'll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome’s Tiber River called Teste."

"Don't go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks its gonna be something special and exclusive, but it's really a dump."

"We're going to go to see the Vatican and maybe get to see the Pope.."

"That's rich," laughed the hairdresser. You and a million other people trying to see him. He'll look the size of an ant. Boy, good luck on this lousy trip of yours. You're going to need it."

A month later, the woman again came in for a hairdo. The hairdresser asked her about her trip to Rome.

"It was wonderful," explained the woman, "not only were we on time in one of Continental's brand new planes, but it was overbooked, and they bumped us up to first class. The food and wine were wonderful, and I had a handsome 28-year-old steward who waited on me hand and foot.

And the hotel was great! They'd just finished a $5 million remodeling job, and now it's a jewel, the finest hotel in the city. They, too, were overbooked, so they apologized and gave us their owner's suite at no extra charge!"

"Well," muttered the hairdresser, "that's all well and good, but I know you didn't get to see the Pope."

"Actually, we were quite lucky, because as we toured the Vatican, a Swiss Guard tapped me on the shoulder, and explained that the Pope likes to meet some of the visitors, and if I'd be so kind as to step into his private room and wait, the Pope would personally greet me.

Sure enough, five minutes later, the Pope walked through the door and shook my hand! I knelt down and he spoke a few words to me."

"Oh, really! What'd he say?"

He said: "Who the f...
​   cut your hair?"
Have a great weekend

Thursday, 20 November 2014

England fans and the IRA

It seems there is a huge uproar about England fans chanting F**** the IRA at the game vs Scotland. As someone who is both an England fan and from a strongly republican Irish family I am bemused. Whilst in a perfect world we'd all get on great, if the worst problem in football is a few people singing nasty songs against an organisation that waged a war against the country for decades, killing thousands of people, then we have moved a long way. I doubt that Gerry Adams gives a stuff what England fans think. In fact he'd probablybe more worried if they liked him. The only aspect of the uproar which bothers me is that it makes kids think football and swearing go hand in hand.I know parents who dont take kids for this reason. The fans damage the game by making it a hostile environment. That is the real problem. Standing on a terrace makes people think they can behave badly. To me that has nothing to do with football.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is Hendon MP Matthew Offord starting a new career as a celebrity tweeter?

So what does a politician do when the electorate kicks them out? It's OK if you are Tony Blair and you can get JP Morgan to pay you five million quid a year as a special advisor. You won't have Cherie in your lug hole demanding to know where the next Bugatti is coming from. But what if you are a bit of a nonentity who nobody has ever heard of? Well life moves on and in this day and age of social media there are all manner of things a politician can do once he's twigged that he doesn't cut the mustard and the public don't like him. Ex Councillor Robert Rams, who got kicked out in May despite holding a formerly safe Tory stronghold in East Barnet has lead the way with his new career as a wrestling blogger  - - the Barnet Eye has to grudgingly admit that Robert is a far better Wrestling Blogger than he ever was a politician, but I guess that wasn't too hard an ask really.

Very sensibly, another soon to be dumped local Politician - Hendon MP Matthew Offord seems to be learning from Robert. It seems like Matthew is carving out a career as a Celebrity Tweeter!

It is a shame that Matthew seems to be neglecting his day job, which is representing his constituents. Take his last tweet on the subject of Thameslink dated 12th November

Thameslink consultation on proposed off peak timetable to be be introduced in December 2015. Have your say at

If Matthew had bothered to read the guest blog, posted the same day by rail expert and chair of the Mill Hill residents association Richard Logue, he'd realise that this consultation is fatally flawed. Despite affecting Mill Hill with removal of many services, Govia, the new franchise operator have not bothered to actually include the draft timetable they are consulting on. As Richard recently tweeted

. there is no proposed timetable for Mill Hill in the consultation document for Dec 2015 timetable please rectify this

The new Thameslink franchise has been a constant source of pain for local residents many of whom have made Matthew aware of this on Twitter. Here are just a few of the messages he's received.

I hope and are aware of the ongoing problems with train service.

hi Matthew hope all ok. Are you able to look into the running of the new thameslink franchise. It is awful. Delay after delay. Ta!

are you aware that it seems are making a bigger hash than First Capital Connect?

 My advice to Matthew is this. It is all very well planning your new career as a celebrity tweeter, but please concentrate on your day job until next May. The new Thameslink franchise is a major concern for your constituents so get off the celeb sites and sort it out! If you have time t tweet about Yasmin and Christine, you have time to get on the case with Thameslink

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is Outsourcing really such a bad thing for the Barnet Taxpayer?

I received this press release from Barnet Unison Today

There are two groups of people affected by outsourcing in Barnet. One is the Barnet Council Taxpayer and the other is the employees of Barnet Council. The majority of those affected reading this will be Barnet Council Taxpayers. The first question they'll ask themselves is "How will this affect me?".  If they ask one of the Councillors belonging to the ruling Conservative group in the Town Hall they will say "You will see your Council Tax Frozen because we've got a good deal from the Contractors". So you may well be tempted to think, good on them, they've done a good job and got a good deal.

There are two questions to ask. The first is "When you add in all the hidden costs, legal expenses and extra charges, is it really cheaper?" and the second is "What will happen to the quality of service?"

So lets make two assumptions. The first is that the Council want to achieve a saving on the existing cost of service. Lets say for Argument Sake they want to save 15% (seems to be around the average quoted). Then lets take into consideration the profit that the private contractor wants to make on the deal for their shareholders. Lets for argument sake (and ease of maths) say this is also 15%. That means that in fact the private company and the council, with its team of lawyers monitoring the contract, have to cut 30% out of the costs before they've even started. So is it credible that you can take 30% out of a budget and not degrade the service?

So you may say "We don't use the services". Well have a look at what is in scope for this round of outsourcing.

1. School improvement
• Statutory LA duties to monitor, support and challenge schools
• Narrow the gap service (DSG funded)
Special educational needs (subject to changes being implemented by the
Children and Families Act 2014 from 1st September 2014)
• SEN placements & performance team
• SEN Early Support Programme
• Speech & Language therapy
• SEN Transport – commissioning and assessment
• Educational psychology team (part traded)
• SEN placements (DSG funded)
• SEN specialist support service
Admissions and sufficiency of school places
• Pupil place planning
• Admissions Service (DSG funded)
Vulnerable pupils
• Education welfare service
Post 16 learning
• 14 - 19 service to ensure sufficiency and breadth of supply
• Monitoring, tracking and supporting participation
Traded services within Education and Skills
• Catering service
• Governor clerking service
• School improvement traded service
• Newly Qualified Teachers
• Educational psychology (part)
• Education Welfare Service (part)



Waste, Recycling, Street Cleansing services and the Grounds Maintenance services


This impacts every Barnet resident. We are giving up democratic control and putting delivery of these services into the hands of companies who have the brief of squeezing as much profit out of the services as possible.

The vast majority of costs in all of these services are staff related. The only way to cut these costs is to cut numbers or cut wages. Will it be good for the Borough to stop investing in the future. I've got two children in Schools in Barnet. This is one area which the Council has always delivered exceptional services. Will the changes improve the service? There is an old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it". Barnet does education well, but they are taking a hatchet to the service.

What about waste & recycling. The Conservatives have tried this in Barnet before. It cost money and gave residents a lousy service. When well off residents started to get their cars bashed by cowboy contractors, who drove off without exchanging details, the public mood soon turned against the Conservatives. So much so that they've shied away from privatising this until now. Sadly nearly all of the Councillors who remember what happened last time have retired.

Finally there is adult social care. Do you really want the most vulnerable people in Barnet to have their care disrupted? I know many carers in Barnet whith adult children with major care requirements. We've already seen these services cut to the bone. It is reaching the point where the system will be broken beyond repair if aany more cuts are squeezed out.

Let no one in Barnet be under any illusion. The local administration are not outsourcing out of any real belief that they can deliver the same or better services for 30% less. They are doing it because if a third party makes cuts, delivers poor service and people suffer, there is less political fallout.

Let me give one example. There was a death not so long ago in a Care Home which Barnet Council had outsourced to a contractor called Catalyst. Did the reports in the newspaper say "Barnet Council is running a service that is not fit for purpose"? No, the Contractor took all the flack. At the same time, the contract for the Care home was up for renewal. Did the Care home lose the contract as a result of awful events? No they did not. In fact they sued the council and won £10 million extra cash because they'd not made as much profit as they'd hoped. They won this case as well and still kept the contract. I wonder if the original business case would have looked quite so rosy if all of this had been included?

So are you still convinced that outsourcing is such a good idea?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Is your garage overcharging you for fuel?

I saw this picture on a Facebook post today. Someone took a picture of a fuel pump having dispensed exactly 1 litre of fuel. As you can see the pump is apparently charging 1.1p per litre more than it should. Now it could be that this is an isolated incident, a dodgy pump or it could be part of a wider pattern. How can we tell? Well social media is a great way to find out. All you have to do is stop the pump when it has dispensed exactly 1 litre and check. If it has dispensed the correct amount at the right cost, then there is nothing to worry about. If the garage are overcharging you, then get the evidence and let us know.

The best way to do this is to get the evidence and then tweet it, with name of the garage and the time and include @Barneteye in the tweet. We don't recommend photgraphing petrol pumps, but a receipt should have the details and this can be scanned. If you don't want to simply put 1 litre in, then simply work out the projected cost and the actual amount.

It always seems to the Barnet Eye that when oil prices go up, pump prices shoot up. When they come down, pump prices stay the same. Of course this could be a typical facebook wind up, but it is easy enough to check, isn't it.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

How good is your councillor? The Barnet Eye League table of councillors - Part 1 - The Premier League

So I was thinking to myself, the Tories are very keen on league tables for schools.Why don't we have a league table of Councillors? There are sixty three of them in total. How good are they?  As a keen observer of them, I thought I'd compile a table, with my reasons. I have divided them into three divisions. The Premiership. These are the councillors that I think are doing a good job. This doesn't mean I agree with their politics, but it does mean I think they have been effective, not by my standards, but by the standards they've set themselves.

The second division are the Isthmian League third division. The bad. The ones who I think are pretty damn useless.

Then there is the third division. These are the councillors who have made no impression on me at all. Some of these are just new and so they've yet to answer on the Barnet Eye radar. Some are just plain useless, but are so useless that I've not actually come across them.Anyway we start with the Premier League. These are the councillors that have something to say, have made an impression or look to me as if thye have a bright future.

If you think I've screwed up, Please say.

#1 - Barnets best councillor - Jack Cohen. Always effective and always on the ball. The Tories are scared to death of him and Labour afre secretly jealous of him.  I am not saying this out of any bias, he is just a class act. Always worth watching in the Council.
photo of Councillor Jack Cohen Councillor Jack Cohen
42 Avenue Road, London, N12 8PY
Home: 020 8446 5390
Liberal Democrats Childs Hill

#2 - This choice may shock readers, but I genuinely believe it. Runner up. Richard Cornelius. Richard has a nightmare job. He's had to preside over a Council containing such toxic individuals as Robert Rams, Brian Coleman and Rueben Thompstone, he's now got to keep discipline with a majority of one. I don't like Richards politics, but he managed to pull off an almost unique feat of winning an election for the local Tories and not getting immediately knifed by ambitious young guns. I suspect the reason why is they know what a rotten job it is and are too scared.

photo of Councillor Richard Cornelius Councillor Richard Cornelius
Work: 020 8359 2059
Conservative Totteridge

#3 - Someone who has made an immediate impact, despite having only been elected in May. Paul Edwards has been showing his more experienced colleagues how it is done, receiving praise from all quarters. If Labour don't make Paul their leader soon, they are quite frankly insane.

photo of Councillor Paul Edwards Councillor Paul Edwards
21 Dale Close, Barnet, EN5 1BH
Work mobile: 07834410286
Labour Underhill

#4 - Mill Hills finest councillor. Sury Khatri is honest, decent and intelligent. I suspect he's actually too nice for politics, especially Tory politics in Barnet. I have some hope that as he can now hold the balance of power, as the Tories only have a majority of one, he may inject some sanity into their ranks.

photo of Councillor Sury Khatri BSc (Hons) MSc (Lond) Councillor Sury Khatri BSc (Hons) MSc (Lond)
78 Devonshire Road, Mill Hill, London, NW7 1DP
Home: 020 8349 2606
Home mobile: 07771 387686
Conservative Mill Hill

#5 - Someone who I like and respect. Kath McGuirk is the best Leader Barnet Labour never had. Horribly stitched up by her own party over the Council tax issue, where she was later exhonourated. I rate her very highly. Kath is one of the Barnet Councillors who you can spend more than five minutes with socially and not want to hang yourself.

photo of Councillor Kath McGuirk Councillor Kath McGuirk
3 Millbrook Court, 1A Hampstead Way, London, NW11 7HG
Home: 020 8209 1462
Labour West Finchley

#6 - This is someone who I think has a very bright future, but needs a bit of experience. I think once she gets her head around the game, she'll fly as she's very bright. I know Reema from the Friern Barnet Library campaign and can testify that she's good.

photo of Councillor Reema Patel Councillor Reema Patel
C/o Labour Group Members Room, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BG
Labour Coppetts

 #7 - Never thought I'd say this in 1997, when he was the bloke who shut down Edgware General, but I have to respect Brian Salinger. He is the sensible face of local Conservatism. Recently saved the Tories from themselves over the Moss Hall Nursery Closure. Probably saved their skins at the last election, by also acting in committee to Save the after school services at Mapledown Special Needs School.

photo of Councillor Brian Salinger Councillor Brian Salinger
32 The Ridgeway, Friern Barnet, London, N11 3LJ
Home: 020 8368 1329
Home mobile: 07956 337 878
Conservative Oakleigh

#8 - Over the last six years Labours most effective Council Chamber operator. I like Alan and he is well informed and knowledgeable. My only reservation is the fact that he is implacably wedded to the useless Alison Moore Labour team.

photo of Councillor Alan Schneiderman Councillor Alan Schneiderman
177 Cheviot Gardens, London, NW2 1PY
Home: 020 8201 9630
Labour Woodhouse

#9 - The almost man of Barnet Politics. Mark Shooter is the man who should have saved the Tories. fiercely intelligent, highly ambitious and quite a good laugh to boot. If Mark had beaten Richard Cornelius to the Leadership in 2010, I suspect that the Council would have followed a better and far more sensible approach. We'd all be paying less tax and getting better services from the Council. Luckily for the local Labour party (and no one else), the Tories lacked the balls to go for Mark

photo of Councillor Mark Shooter Councillor Mark Shooter
c/o Conservative Group, Members Room, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, Hendon, NW4 4BG
Work mobile: 07770 678509
Conservative Hendon

#10 - An old school Labour man, who is quiet, gets on with the job and I have enormous respect for. Jim Tierney is the man who always turns up when he should, if he makes a point he's always right and is a damn nice bloke to boot

photo of Councillor Jim Tierney Councillor Jim Tierney
24 Oakfield Road, London, N3 2HT
Home: 020 8346 3359
Home mobile: 07904 065 544
Labour West Finchley

#11 - One of Barnet Councils new intake - the next generation. She has also started to make a name for herself. Not seen her in action in the Council, but my spies tell me she has what it takes. Amy Trevethan is undoubtedly a star of the future.

photo of Councillor Amy Trevethan Councillor Amy Trevethan
13 Union Street, High Barnet, Herts, EN5 4HY
Labour Underhill

#12 - Probably the most affable and friendly of Barnets councillors. I think even the Tories (or at least the sane ones) like him. He has passed on many discreet indescretions that his opponents have let slip, that crack me up. Arjun Mittra is a top guy and a good ward councillor.

photo of Councillor Arjun Mittra Councillor Arjun Mittra
10 Prospect Ring, East Finchley, London, N2 8PB
Home mobile: 07867 902400
Labour East Finchley

#13 - A fellow Barnet blogger and a nice lady to boot. Also hard working and committed councillor, who has made a good impression since the election in May. Devra Kay is someone who I think will do well in the town hall

photo of Councillor Dr Devra Kay Councillor Dr Devra Kay
C/o Labour Group Members Room, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BG
Labour West Hendon

#14 - A man who has worked hard since his election in 2012 and helped Labour take Brunswick Park ward. Andreas Ionnidis is a good councillor and a genuine bloke.

photo of Councillor Andreas Ioannidis Councillor Andreas Ioannidis
C/o Labour Group Members Room, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BG
Home: 0791 759 9498
Labour Brunswick Par

#15 - A Labour stalwart who quietly gets on and does a good job. Turns up when she should, doesn't hog the limelight, but when she talks, she talks common sense. Anne Hutton is a good example of what a Councillor should be.

photo of Councillor Anne Hutton Councillor Anne Hutton
Flat 1, 157 East End Road, London, N2 0LY
Home: 020 8815 1839
Labour Woodhouse

#16 - I really couldn't leave this man out of the Premiership. John Hart is a feature of Mill Hill. The Tories loose canon. Whenever he speaks, you can see the look of fear in the Tories eyes. The only Councillor I've heard use the F word in the chamber. John isn't PC, but he is entertaining.

photo of Councillor John Hart BA (Hons) MA Councillor John Hart BA (Hons) MA
11 Mount View, Mill Hill, London, NW7 3HT
Home: 020 8381 0083 / 020 8959 5182
Conservative Mill Hill

#17 - I will probably lose a couple of friends over this choice for the premiership, but she saved Mapledown School, so it would be dishonest not to. I don't see eye to eye with Maureen Braun and I don't particularly like her (the feeling is mutual). Having said that I have enormous repsect for her intejection in the Mapledown School debate and her breaking of party lines to save it. As such, she makes the cut

photo of Councillor Maureen Braun Councillor Maureen Braun
21 Victoria Road, Mill Hill, NW7 4SA
Home: 0208 201 1615
Conservative Hendon

#18 - I work with Joan Scannell on the Mill Hill Music Festival. I like Joan and think she does a reasonable job in Edgware.

photo of Councillor Joan Scannell Councillor Joan Scannell
C/o Conservative Group Member's Room, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BG
Home: 020 8959 5921
Conservative Edgware

#19 - Has been very supportive of various charity and youth projects I've been involved with over the years. One of the better low profile Tories

photo of Councillor Lisa Rutter Councillor Lisa Rutter
Home: 020 8445 3829
Conservative Brunswick Park

#20 -  This man campaigned tirelessly to save the Bohemia pub. Anyone who wants to preserve the local community is OK in my books. Alan Or-Bach is a decent chap, even if he's got a non profile on the Council website.

photo of Councillor Alon Or-bach Councillor Alon Or-bach Labour East Finchley

 #21 - A fixture in Barnet politics over the last few years. Adam Langleben. Elected in May, I'm sure he'll do well.

photo of Councillor Adam Langleben Councillor Adam Langleben
C/o Labour Group Members Room, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BG
Home mobile: 07710383187
Labour West Hendon

 As I said, these are the councillors who've made a positive impression over the last six years since I started writing the blog.