Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Richard Cornelius resigns as Leader of Barnet Council

After eight years leading Barnet Council, the Leader of the Council and the Barnet Conservatives, Richard Cornelius has resigned. The news was broken by the grim reaper of Barnet Tory Politics, Brian Coleman.

The news is not a surprise to The Barnet Eye. We have been aware of secret dinners between Dan Thomas and various new Tory Councillors for some time now. We understand that the new crop of councillors have been offered some plum jobs in exchange for support for the palace coup which Dan Thomas was in the process of putting together. We will be most amused to see what happens,, should Thomas succeed in his plans, when those playing this game of musical chairs are left standing and all of the chairs have been taken.

It will be most interesting to see who emerges as a challenger to Dan Thomas. We have heard a couple of names bandied around, but these have not been confirmed. This blog supported Richard Cornelius when he first put his name in the ring. Of the three, he was clearly the most reasonable and rational and given the challenges he's had, we think the fact he survived eight years and two elections is a testament to his shrewd political prowess.

It is clear to us that Dan Thomas is a completely different cup of tea. He is thin skinned, rude and lacks empathy with the public. He is a very divisive politician, who lacks the nous that Cornelius clearly has. Cornelius always was polite to political opponents, letting them have their say and often allowing them to dig holes that they then fall in. Thomas as chair of several committees is rude and seeks to shut down debate. This will come back to bite him. Cornelius also rather shrewdly ensured that all of the key committees were chaired by people who were far less intelligent than him. Sadly Dan Thomas does not have this luxury. This will mean that should he win, within a short period his key players will have realised he's a bit thick and not up to the job.

I was asked who I'd like to see as the new leader. If the Tories had any sense at all they'd pick Gabriel Rosenberg. He has all of the attributes of a successful politician. He is bright, well mannered and has displayed good judgement. I hope that he puts his name into the frame. I suspect that if Gabriel doesn't, he will come to bitterly regret it as the Dan Thomas regime quickly unravels. Unless of course he's shrewd enough to know that the council is in a complete mess and it is better for Thomas to carry the can for the collapse of the One Barnet scheme that all Barnet watchers know is coming. As Dan Thomas is the architect of this scheme, it is perhaps only fitting that he's at the helm as the boat goes down.

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