Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Wednesday Poem and Local cultural update - Only a month to go until the Mill Hill Music Festival

The Wednesday Poem

The Little Shop

The little shop on Shakespear Road,
Sadly missed, a long time closed,
Run by a good old mate of Dad
They've both gone which is rather sad

Sunday morning was the time for treats,
Smoked salmon, olives and  bags of sweets,
A friendly chat with Bill the owner,
Sadly curtailed by the local moaner,

Bills green mini van's long been scrapped
and the shop is now some luxury flats,
I still walk passed from time to time,
It lives on in these memories of mine

Copyright 2019 Roger Tichborne

Just a little ditty I composed as I walked past the site of a convenience store run by a friend of my Dad, in Shakespeare Road Mill Hill. I have to confess it is not luxury flats, that bit is artistic license, it is a rather nice house. Dad would take us their for sweets on a Sunday morning. There was a small deli counter and Bill would carve ham from a joint and also sold Smoked Salmon, which was unavaailable elsewhere in Mill Hill in the 1960's (can you imagine that today). My Dad was a man of expensive tastes. Wheras my mother would buy the thinnest, most tasteless ham if it was cheap, Dad would pay well over the top if it was to his taste. He'd let us all spend sixpence on sweets. Bill was a Watford fan and he had one of the little old mini vans that was olive green. It looked unfeasably small for a van. I loved it, thought it was great car, practical and well disguised if you had to hide it in the woods. My Dad had told me that they were painted that colour as after the war the UK had a surplus of green paint from disguising tanks after WWII. That added a whole new level of glamour to it, I have no idea if it was true. I really couldn't see that anyone would have a car that colour for any other reason.

The Mill Hill Music Festival

On Friday the 14th of June, the Mill Hill Music Festival will kick off, with an opening concert by The Hendon Band of the Salvation Army. That will be followed by a gig at the Adam and Eve featuring Rhythm and Blues combo The Ron Lewis Partnership. There will be another 8 days of music following that, with Jazz, Big band, Klezmer, Opera, Reggae, Classical and Soul music. Tickets are selling fast so check the festival website and get your tickets ASAP.

Mill Hill Jazz Club

Colindale Jazz

The Phoenix Cinema




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