Saturday, 23 January 2021

The Saturday List #293 - 10 great things about working in Mill Hill

I work in Mill Hill at Mill Hill Music Complex studios. I also live in Mill Hill. Working locally has many advantages, so  I thought I'd list 10 things that make this rather good for me. The site has changed a lot since we first started the studio. You might enjoy this album of pictures of Bunns Lane Works, where our studios are based, over the years

Bunns Lane works, Mill Hill, NW7

1. I can walk to work. This means my carbon footprint is very low. It also means that I keep fit.

2. I can nip home for lunch. I've not been doing this recently as we have most of our staff furloughed, so there is no cover, normally there are two of us. But in more normal times, I do enjoy lunch at home.

3. I can nip into Mill Hill Services club for a pint on the way home when I finish. I was actually having a pint in the club, watching the news when Boris announced the first lock down. If we've had a stressful day, it is nice to chill for half an hour chat to friends and have a pint before coming home.

4. I can pick up a takeaway on the way home from the Mill Hill Tandoori. I do this most weekends.

5. I get to see the amazing changes of the four seasons in Mill Hill Park on my walk to work. This is always a pleasure.

6. In better times, I am five minutes walk from Mill Hill Broadway Station and if I play my cards right, I can be having a pint with my friends who work in town in less than 30 minutes from leaving work.

7. When the burglar alarm goes off at the business (which it occasionally does), I can be around there with our two large dogs in two minutes.

8. When it snows or there are hurricanes and London grinds to a halt,  I am not stuck with no way to get home.

9. In normal times, it is great when friends pop in to say hi and have a cup of tea.

10. If ever I get struck with inspiration, I can stroll down to the studio and record my ideas. A great perk of having your own studio (Here's one I knocked up last year).

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