Sunday 6 February 2022

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 6th February 2022

 So what has your week been like?  I've had a busy week. Tuesday night I was at the Town Hall doing my civic duty grilling councillors. Wednesday I met with some mates at the Barcelona Tapas bar in Middlesex St. Thursday was five a side, Friday we went for a lovely Mexican meal at Mestizo (well worth a trip, only 30 mins from Mill Hill!), well worth a trip. Last night was at The Alice House in West Hampstead for a party. Looking forward to a nice relaxed Sunday with a Wild Boar joint from Boucherie Gerard once the doggies have had their walkies. 

That's enough of me, how's your week been? I've got to say that this weeks list is one that is well worth a read. In fact it's so good that we've eleven tweets this week, whereas the normal rule is ten. I hope you'll agree it warrants an extra one! Please follow any of these Tweeters who tickle your fancy (or any other parts). 

Without further ado, this is what our local tweeters have been up to.

1. Lets start with this wonderful image from one of our favourite local groups, looking after our local waterways.

2. I rather like this post. I'd recommend walking Edgwarebury Lane, if you want to get a good flavour of our neighbourhood. From the bustle of Edgware Town Centre to the heart of the Green Belt

3. Whilst Mark Amies continues to campaign to try and retain some local character in Edgware, we will support him

4. I do love a moody picture of a bus in the fog. I would thoroughly recommend checking out Benjamin's pictures, they are wonderful, if like me you love pictures of London.

5. Rules are made to be broken. I normally only pick tweets posted this week, but I missed this and it really deserves a share. I do hope you'll forgive me. It would have been in last weeks had I not been so bad at my job!

6. I've never posted a Tweet in French before, but this is truly wonderful!

7. A date for your diary!

8. Springtime is coming. I hope this puts a smile on your face

9. We do our best to promote the good things in our little corner of paradise. Good to see our friends at A better Mill Hill do as well. Can you help support these initiatives?

10. Calling all singers. Improve your vocal technique!

This weeks Bonus Tweet!!!!!
As we included a tweet from last week, here's a bonus for you. This tweet was posted by the Barnet Society after I started putting the list together and this is a really important matter. Many readers know the Mitre in Barnet, one of the best pubs in our area. Please read the link in the tweet. The Mitre is a historic building. We must ensure that it is preserved. Sadly our Council does not have a great record when it comes to looking after our local heritage. Can I also ask you to follow the Barnet Society and support the brilliant work they do.

That's all folks!

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