Wednesday 7 September 2022

Friern Barnet Library Occupation - 10th Anniversary celebrations - A message from the occupiers

Ten years ago on Sunday a pivotal moment in the history of Barnet happened. Following the Conservative adminstrations highly unpopular closure of Friern Barnet Library and a summer of 'People's Library' events on the lawn outside, the campaign was ramped up when Occupy took over the building and reopened it. As soon as I heard, I hot footed up to the Library and wrote this blog The rest is history. It was a turning point and the Barnet Tories got a very bloody nose. We have received an open invitation from the Occupiers to join for a reunion. All invited.

Hi Friern Barnet library supporters,  congratulations to All for making it to the 10 year anniversary of Friern Barnet community library.

 We are going to meet on Sunday 11th of September 1 -2 pm in the library for tea and cake. Bring food and cake to share.

Possibly having a picnic outside afterwards weather permitting.

Barry Rawlings and Pauline the councillors who supported us at the time, Will be guests of honour. Diane from the Guardian has said she will make it.

Please pass this message on to anyone who was involved with the library campaign to save the famous Friern Barnet community library. 


Love Phoenix and Danny 

I spoke about my experiences with the protest in this video made by the campaign group Liberty


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