Saturday, 21 November 2009

Barnet Easycouncil - Then and Now

Then (click on article to make more readable) - Note the author of the article

Now (click on article to make more readable)

There it is in black and white. Would you buy a used car off this man. Would you even buy a tub of whelks off him? Mike Freers Council have spent millions of pounds on Consultants to draw up the future shape scheme, but they don't even know if emptying your bin is a core service or whether Easyjet is a good model for the service.

As ever, Mike Freer just chooses to blame everyone else. This time it's the Council CEO who he appointed - Nick Walkley. The only question is whether the Council will keep employing a man who now has no credibility following Freers "Clumsy and Cack Handed" comments, or whether he'll get a massive payoff to walk and protect Freer, like all of the other Barnet Council Scapegoats in the last few months (Thanks to DCMD and Mr Constable for the clips).


Don't Call Me Dave said...


This is one of your best blogs to date! It is a devastating indictment of Mike Freer’s inept administration. An unelected leader spends £2 million on consultants for a concept that has no democratic mandate, and he and the chief executive are singing from completely different hymn sheets.

But what makes a bad situation even worse, is that when they are found out, they then try to cover it up by leaning on the press to remove articles from the web. This is beyond Stalinism.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Used car no, tub of whelks to pour straight over his head, yes.

Quarmby said...

All falling apart isn't it.

In 6 months time Freer will be gone and Walkley will be left to try and sort out the mess. Not going to be easy given the fact that most of the people who actually know how to run services have gone and they are just left with a bunch of over-promoted lackeys, temps and consultants.