Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Barnet Eye Big Borough of Barnet Quiz - £20 Prize for the winner !!!!

Good Morning Folks. It's a lovely sunny Saturday morning, there's a covering of snow on top of my shed, and the world is looking good. I thought I'd set all you pickers out there in cottonland a little quiz, for a bit of fun. Now because I'm a generous sort of chap, I thought I'd give you teeny little incentive. The best answers I get emailed back to me before next Saturday Morning, will receive the accolade of the "Barnet Eye Brain of Barnet". Not only that, but I'll even donate £20 to the charity of your choice (must be a registered charity and not a political party). Be careful, some of the answers  require specific details.

I'll even put your picture on the blog if you want.It's just for fun though.

1. What is the largest area of open water in the Borough of Barnet?
2. Name all the rivers which pass through the Borough of Barnet?
3. Name as many species of indiginous reptile found in the Borough of Barnet as Possible (anyone naming politicians will not get any extra points)?
4. Name as many species of amphibian found in Barnet as possible?
5. What is the oldest still open pub in the Borough of Barnet and when was it built?
6. What is the oldest Church in the Borough of Barnet and when was it built?
7. What is the oldest Synagogue in the Borough of Barnet and when was it built?
8. What was the name of the railway company that originally built the line with stops at Mill Hill and Hendon.
9. How many closed railway and tube stations are there in the London Borough of Barnet and can you name them?
10. What is the highest point in the London Borough of Barnet? Where is it and how high is it?
11. On what Barnet road was the famous "Whales Jawbones"?
12. Who built the University of London Observatory in Mill Hill and what were they famous for?
13. Who built St Pauls Church on the Ridgeway in Mill Hill and how did they change the world?
14. What famous movie featured the Medical Research building in Mill Hill and what was it called in the movie?
15. Where is Rock and Roll Legend Billy Fury buried?
16. Who was the last MP for Hendon constituency, before the current incumbent?
17. What famous landmark in London is reputedly the same height as the keyhole of the door on Barnet Church?
18. Name as many closed airfields/aerodromes/airports located in the London Borough of Barnet as possible?
19. What was located on the site of Brent Cross Shopping Centre before the shopping centre was built?
20.  What secondary School in the London Borough of Barnet did Malcolm MacLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols attend?
21. Which construction company built the M1 through Mill Hill and what was the other job of it's controversial owner?
22. What subject did the former MP for Finchley and former Prime Minister study at University?
23. Which non league Football club from the London Borough of Barnet entertained Newcastle United in the third round of the FA cup in the 1970's?
24. In what year was the Battle of Barnet?
25. Steve Perryman, the former Tottenham Hotspur legend started his football career at a local youth team, what was that team?
There will be 1 point per answer (in cases where there are potentially several answers, each will get a point so if you name 17 rivers, you get 17 points). In the event of a tie, I'll pull the winner out of a hat for the £20 and everyone else will get a namecheck. All you have to do is - CLICK HERE TO SEND ME YOUR ANSWERS - Please make the Email title - Barnet Quiz answers. Please feel free to tell me what you think of the Barnet Eye Blog, if you think it's rubbish and I'm a plonker that won't affect your chances of winning. Hope you enjoy the quiz. It's all for fun, pass it on to your friends. Everyone is welcome to take part (even the Mayor of Barnet and the MP for Hendon)!

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