Wednesday 8 November 2017

Andrew Dismore sticks two fingers up to women voters in Barnet and Camden

I was astounded to see this tweet from the Barnet Rotary club

This pictures GLA assembly member Andrew Dismore with disgraced former Tory GLA member Brian Coleman. In the week when the issue of  male politicians assaulting women is at it's height, how on earth can Andrew Dismore possibly wish to be associated with a man who has been convicted for assaulting a woman in Fincley High Road

Coleman not only assaulted Helen Michael, he lied to the police about the assault. He only changed his plea to guilty on the day of the court case. The reason Coleman assaulted Helen Michael was due to her campaign against his parking policies when he was in charge of roads in Barnet. Michael, a former Tory, campaigned for Andrew Dismore to replace Coleman in the 2012 GLA elections, putting ABC (Anyone But Coleman) posters in her shop window. Coleman reacted by reporting her to the Police, resulting in Michael being arrested by coppers from SO15, the anti terrorist squad. It seems that Dismore no longer considers Helen Michael to be  a "useful idiot" and has decided to assist in Colemans political rehabilitation.

The Barnet Eye notes that Coleman never apologised for the assualt, he's never apologised for lying to the police and wasting their time. He's taunted Ms Michael on Twitter, claiming the whole thing was a set up, as if Ms Michael could be held culpable for him attacking her. This is clearly a case of Andrew Dismore publicly sticking two fingers up to the women of his Barnet and Camden GLA  constituency, saying violence against women is OK and forgivable, even if you don't apologise. It is sickening.

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