Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Correction - The Midland Hotel Campaign

An inadvertent error crept into my blog on 4th January which I would like to correct, specifically concerning the paragraph referring to the Midland Hotel. I have been asked by Campaigners connected with the Campaign to Save The Midland, who have requested the following correction be published.
The campaign for the all important ACV (Asset of Community Value) for the pub  was spearheaded by Cllr Helene Richman. Cllr Richman worked tirelessly to encourage residents, made sure she listened carefully to our concerns and took it upon herself to visit the planning offices to check up on the application in the early days. She also took time off work to meet the pub licensee to work on the ACV, contacted various residents who she thought might be of help, visited the pub premises to see the lay of the land so that she knew what she was helping to fight for and attended the Barnet Eye gig at the pub in October to promise her support to residents. She also was asked to speak at the ACV committee meeting on behalf of the community. She also wrote a passionate and strong support letter for the ACV and spoke to many of her colleagues to explain the pub's dilemma. Her council maiden speech was about the importance of the pub in her ward and her vision to make the pub central to West Hendon's regeneration. . 

Cllr Saira Don of West Hendon has also been involved and was an early campaigner.  Hendon MP Dr Matthew Offord has been a key supporter and attended a meeting with the leaseholder John Teahan, local activists and Cllrs Richman and Don. He also sent in a letter in support of the ACV to the committee which decided to list it. 

The ACV covers the hotel and pub, the building itself, the garden and some surrounding curtillage. It is an important listing and is renewable in 5 years provided we can show evidence in support. The Campaign for our beloved pub continues!


Mr Reasonable said...

Oh dear what a shame. This looks like Cllr Prager is already being distanced from the other two conservative Cllrs. I hope this isn't a result of his independent stance at Audit. When Cllrs are fighting between themselves for credit it never looks good.

Anonymous said...

This scrambling for credit is such bad form. It is obvious the other two are keeping him out of the loop, so much so that Prager had to resort to Twitter to publicly show his support. At least he had the good grace to state that ALL 3 ward Cllrs support the pub. And the good sense to vote against the whip during Audit in Nov.

Very strange that a correction is necessary. Did someone tell porkies about what he did and did some other one get miffed that the plan to isolate a colleague failed?

Local politics mirroring the national picture.U-turns and backstabbing!

Come on. The 3 of them are supposed to be on the same team - Team Midland!

You can't make this up. Hilarious glory hunting at its very best from within the party. Shameful. The 3 of them should play nice.

Rog T said...

All I really want to say about this is that I had deep reservations about publishing this, purely because I was worried that it would result in comments that may harm the Midland Campaign. All I can really say is that this correction was at the behest of the Campaign, not the Conservative party. Most of the people involved in the campaign are not Conservatives, but they have appreciated the efforts of some of the local politicians to help the campaign. I'm really not inclined to comment further. Not for reasons of conspiracy, but because it isn't helpful