Sunday 20 March 2022

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 20th March 2022

If you've not read this item before, I always start with a litte round up of my week, if anythin g exciting has happened, then give you the pick of the best tweets I've seen during the week. If you see a great tweet please tag me. I don't do politicians holding leaflets or overtly political tweets, although I do sometimes highlight problems that Barnet Council should be dealing with and do feature tweets  by councillors if they are non politcal. If you want to appear, it must be related in some way to the Borough of Barnet. I prefer tweets with great pictures and if they make me laugh or feature sporting or music history they are ones I particularly like. I always try and picka  couple of dates for the diary as well. I try and feature all corners of the Borough, but that is not always possible. And although I know terrible things are happening in the world, we do sometimes need relief from it. 

I've had a wonderful week. Saw a brilliant game of football at Hadley on Tuesday, had a great band rehearsal on Wednesday, enjoyed five a side on Thursday (and had a nice chicken vindaloo from the Mill Hill Tandoori after), had a quiet night on Friday, as we were getting up at 5am to have a belated (by two years) celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. For this we took a luxury vintage train to Chester for the day. It was a beautiful day, we walked the city walls and visited the Cathedral, which is wonderful. Thoroughly recommended, got back for the St Patricks day bash at the Mill Hill Services club,  Here's our pics of Chester.

But that's enough of my week, how was your week? This is what our local tweeters have been up to

1. Lets start in Burnt Oak with a date for your diary. Not everything Barnet Council does I disagree with, this is great work

2. Sadly there are other things they are not doing quite as well

3. This looks great, just wish we'd had more warning to plug it!

4. And whilst in Cricklewood, they were celebrating Paddies day properly down there!

5. Well. Can you guess? Great pic

6. And whilst in Hendon, a rather wonderful post from one of our fave accounts!

7. Always nice to wish a retiring fireman well for the future and to say thanks

8. We love a bit of local wildlife. Nice pics

9. Nive pic from a new (to us) account.

10. Who are we to disagree!

That's all folks!

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