Sunday 15 January 2023

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 15th January 2023

 My week? One of disappointments especially with regards to football. Manchester City were abysmal against Southampton, the Hadly FC's game was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. I also learned during the Manchester Derby that I no longer understand the offside rule. We had a decent recording session with The False Dots, we've got a spiffing new song called "The sexy sci fi sirens of the seventies", which is a bit of a mash up of Glam Rock and the Cramps, with a bit of an R Dean Taylor vibe going on. Last night I had my first beer and curry of the year, just a couple. It was very pleasant. 

That's enough of me. How was your week? This is what the Tweeters of the Borough have been up. 

1. Lets start in Burnt Oak, with a word of thanks to a much loved retiring local PC

2. If you are a football player or fan, this is the sight you hate most! All week you look forward to the match, then this happens. In some ways it's worse than . I hope that Cricklewood WFC had a better Saturday afternoon than I did!

3. Can you chip in a few pennies to help.

4. And whilst we are in Cricklewood. I love the work of Reel Streets

5. Have you got talent? HEre's your chance

6. HAve your say on the future of Finchley Lido

7. A great thread from one of our regular top tweeters.

8. \Talking of @Time_NW, I think he'll enjoy this

9. Take care in Salcombe Gardens, NW7 - The Daleks have invaded!

10. Did you know about the much missed Jeff Beck RIP's links to Mill Hill

That's all folks!

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