Friday 20 January 2023

The Friday Joke and a few amusing musings about Britains Got Talent!

It's Friday, so let's start with a Titter (courtesy of one of our fave Tweeters Mr Robert Wilkinson).

It's been an interesting week at the studios. I've been rather busy sorting all manner of issues out, getting things in place for the coming months. Our end of the music industry has very defined cycles of activities and this to a greater extent defines how we plan our marketing and advertising. This time of the year, there is not much activity in gigs, so bands are by and large working on new material and preparing for the busier period later in the year. A few artists are coming in to touch up and remaster tracks they recorded last year, or to record new tracks. Many artists make new years resolutions to "make 2023 the year that IT HAPPENS". 

It is great as we see some wonderful bands, great artists and hear some amazing tracks. But we also get a rush of artists that, shall we say, need some more rehearsal, but haven't realised it. Had a hilarious moment this week. Perhaps the most amusing are the pushy parents, who have decided that they will manage the next Amy Winehouse (AKA Their talentless daughter).

Had one such conversation this week.

Customer - "Hello, I wanted to speak to you about my daughters career, she is a brilliant singer and needs to get on Britains Got Talent".
Me - "Ok, just google apply for Britains Got Talent"
Customer - "I was wondering if you knew the Producer, as she is brilliant and as soon as they hear her they will put her on".
Me - "Erm, no I don't, if she's good then she'll get through via the website audition process"
Customer - "But the singing teacher on your website says he works on TV shows".
Me - "He does, but your daughter would have to sign up for some vocal coaching and if he can help her, then he will advise you."
Customer - "My daughter doesn't need singing lessons, she just needs to get on to the show. If you help us we will plug the studio".
Me  - "Our vocal coach can only really help people who he is working with. Vocal coaching is more than singing lessons, it teaches you how to protect your voice and how to ensure you don't damage it. If she is a good singer, she should consider it. Even some of the top stars such as Rhianna and Flo regularly see him, to stay on top of their game"
Customer - "This sounds like a scam to me. My Daughter can sing. Why does she need singing lessons. Why are you trying to sell things that people don't need? That is immoral, I bet he can't even get her on BGT if she pays for a lesson!"
Me - "I didn't say he would get her on BGT if she had a lesson. I said he only helps people he works with"
Customer - "People like you are what give the music business a bad name!" Slams down the phone

I wish the young lady well. Not so sure about Mum though

If you need to apply for BGT CLICK HERE (please don't bug me)

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