Wednesday 10 May 2023

The Future of Edgware Town Centre - A date for your diary.

 I am delighted to share with you the news that the wonderful new CONSERVATIVE COUNCILLOR for EDGWARE WARD has arranged a Q&A session for local residents to discuss plans for the regeneration of Edgware. The full details are here

Cllr Lucy Wakeling
It is wonderful to see that now your local CONSERVATIVE COUNCILLORS are in opposition they are becoming open to proper engagement with the public, after 20 years when they ran the council and were too busy to do such things. We predict great things for Lucy and believe that she is one to watch closely (very closely) as we believe she has the work ethic and moral integrity to go a long way in the Conservative Party. I will be putting a few quid on with Paddy Power backing her to be an MP (possibly the MP for Hendon?) one day.

As I mentioned, Lucy is worth watching very closely. Not least because she seems a tad forgetful when it comes to delivering on promises. As you know, at the Barnet Eye we do watch closely and we have long memories. Back in February, Lucy promised to update us when this meeting was arranged, so that we could publicies it.

Rather oddly, instead of the meeting details being sorted out in the first week of March, it took until April the 26th. Even more oddly, despite Lucy promising to let the Barnet Eye know, she failed to mention it to us., hence we've only just seen the tweets.

Mr Mark Amies, who runs the @Time_nw and @superfast72  Twitter account has been asking for months about this meeting and he too was not informed. We must assume that with a full caseload of work as a councillor, she was just too snowed under to tag us into the tweet. Never mind, we are now fully up to speed. 

I am looking forward to the meeting and it should be enlightening. 

This is another step on the path that Mark and myself have trodden for a very long time, seeking to get the Railway Hotel in Edgware, a Grade II Listed building, restored to it's rightful place as a Jewel on the High Street in Edgware. Here is a video I made with Mark about the Fall of Edgware and the Railway Hotel. Nearly 8,000 people have viewed the video, which is unprecedented for a film about a local High Street. That is more than half the registered voters in the ward.


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