Sunday 24 September 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 24th September 2023

 Last week, I simply couldn't find ten tweets that I felt were interesting and varied enough to justify posting a tweets of the week. It happens sometimes. It is always rather disappointing. It does seem to me that less people are using the platform and less people are interested in it recently. There were a plethora of extremely dull local politicians standing in groups holding leaflets, claiming that they were given a warm welcome on the doorstep. Of course this is nonsense. I've done a fair bit of canvassing and most people don't even answer the door. The only really warm welcome you get is when people are happy to tell you your an idiot. Your own supporters will occasionally have a nice chat, long lost friends will greet you warmly, but most people just want to get on with their ironing or watching The Chase. I do wish local politicians would be a bit more imaganative in their tweeting. 

As for my week, I had a nice curry on Weds and a couple of beers at the Mill Hill Services Club, that was about it. Anyway, enough waffle, here is what our more interesting tweeters have been up to.

1. I'll start with the one wonderful tweet from last week, that did deserve a platform. I love this

2. This blog has long supported the work Mark Amies has done to try and save the Railway in Edgware. Mark deserves an OBE for his work trying to preserve our heritage

3. Now this is what we call great tweeting.

4. One of the reasons I love this feature is because we learn about little bits of our locality like this!

5. If you want to get a tweet included here, a bit of local rock and roll history will always do the trick for me

6. If you love brutalist buildings illuminated in pink, this is the tweet for you. A shout out for the work these wondeful people do, saving lives.

7. Had to include this. It's wonderful

8. A date for your diary, raising money for a charity rather too close to my heart

9. Always worth a mention, the final resting place of British Rock and Roll legend. Lovely pics

10. And finally, keep an ear out for this forthcoming single by one of our fave local singers, who should be a megastar

And before we sign off, we thought you might enjoy a little snippet of my band, The False Dots, live at the Dublin Castle on Friday 15th. It was a real fun night, as I'm sure you'll see. Have a restfull Sunday (unless you are a Gooner or a Spurs fan, in which case, lets hope it's a good game)

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