Tuesday 7 November 2023

The Tweet of the Year from the RNIB - You really need to read this

 Sometimes I simply despair. And then a small shaft of sunlight peeps through the curtains and the world is alright again and you are reminded that the bad guys are really not in the majority and the way to deal with aggressive stupidity is with kindness, wit and humour. When I checked my SM's (that's social media, not a love of bondage and spanking for those of you who jump to silly conclusions without thinking things through), a post from a friend alerted me to a Tweet from the RNIB that I simply couldn't ignore.

What sort of person takes to Facebook to Troll a charity? But even more disturbing is what sort of person takes to Facebook to troll the wrong charity? Clearly someone who is, what my Dad would refer to, as a blithering idiot. A massive shout out to the social media team at the @RNIB for a simply wonderful riposte. I've often wondered how best to deal with idiotic trolls. Clearly the @RNIB employ far cleverer people than me in their social media department. 

When the @RNLI started to get trolled by people who objected to them pulling drowning refugees out of the sea, I took out a standing order to them, Sometimes you simply have to do the right thing. After seeing this tweet, my first reaction is that I'd love to buy the @RNIB social media team a drink. I fany of them come to see the False Dots at the Dublin Castle on 23rd December for our Xmas party, I'll deffo buy them a couple of sherbets. It is a charity I'm well aware of. My brother in law's Dad had a senior position in the organisation in the 1960's and 70's. He was a lovely bloke, always kind to me when I was a wee nipper. I'd almost forgotten this until I saw the post. I am glad that his legacy lives on and the organisation is still clearly stacked with decent and intelligent people. 

I will also be making a donation. It seems to be the right thing to do. 

Back in 2018, when Allen Ashley was singing with The False Dots, we recorded a live video at the Midland Hotel in Hendon (before it closed) of our song Please Myself, which is a rant against Social media Trolls. We put the lyrics on the video (as being a live video filmed on a phone, it is not the highest quality audio but is proper rock and roll!). It sort of says what I want to say


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Anonymous said...

Interesting thing is that as I understand it the RLI, unless they happen to see something when out on training, launch only at the request of the coast guard.

So if anyone is to blame for 'collecting all the migrants and brining them ashore' it's HMCG not the RNLI.