Friday 10 November 2023

Friday Fun - 10th November 2023

 Let's start with a joke. Any music joke will always get a thumbs up from me! Once more I'm endebted to Mr Robert Wilkinson for this stream of jokes. If you are looking for Xmas presents for your Dad, his book of Dad jokes would make a great stocking filler

For those of you who are interested in my band, The False Dots, we've announced our next gig. We are playing at The Dublin Castle on Saturday 23rd December. We are delighted to be supporting the rather wonderful London Sewage Company, who are a bit of a cult supergroup. I love their track "Thunderbirds" which to me is exactly the sort of music that I love, up tempo fun. As a confirmed Gerry Anderson nut, I am almost jealous I didn't write this!

As for other gigs in the Borough this weekend - Here's a few to check out


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