Saturday 13 January 2024

The Saturday List #427 - How I'd spend my lottery winnings - Updated

Back in 2012, I did The Saturday List #22 - How I will spend my lottery winnings 
I came across this during the week.  I wondered if, after 12 years, I'd changed my mind.

So here is the updated list. 

Here is the list I put together in 2012 - Ive struck out the things I'd no longer do

Brothers & Sisters67,00042000
Nephews & nieces187,000126000
In laws27,00014000

Commercial, business and charity

Studio refit 1200,000200000
Share Foundation150,00050000
The Passage150,00050000
Donation to HCPT150,00050000
Buy Friern Barnet Library for community1430,000430000
Make a film about Barnet with a proper budget130,00030000
Set up foundation to make the Barnet Eye blog into a commercially successful online magazine with staff



Studio flat in Brighton1700,000700000
Aston Martin DB6140,00040000
Family Holiday in Australia120,00020000
Redecorate the House130,00030000
Slap up Night out for all friends and familty110,00010000
Trip to see Steve Miller band in Las Vegas12,0002000
Get Married in the Elvis chapel in Las Vegas110,00010000

So lets start with why the things I struck out, I'd no longer do.

I was a Trustee of The Share Foundation. The organisation was wound up a few years ago and I believe its operations are carried on by another organisation, but I am not involved. I am proud of the work we did then. 

As we saved Frien Barnet Library, it doesn't need to be saved anymore.

Time has moved on and there is no longer a need to persuade Barnet Council that the One Barnet outsourcing project would be a disaster, before they made a big mistake. They ignored our protest and made a big mistake. This has now been acknowledged. I did my best, but didn't win the lottery.

I no longer have the desire to do do any more than write a personal blog. Any delusions of granduer I had have long gone.

As to the Aston Martin, I am well past any mid life crisis that may have fuelled that.
-- So what would I add?

I'd set up a record label, to promote young artists playing Ska and Punk, and pay for them to put together proper albums. I'd spend £500,000 on this (I'd also sneak out a few False Dots releases).

Well, I'd have to win a lot more money, but if I had £2,5 million, I'd build another block on our studio, including a microbrewery, a proper music education facility and a proper venue area, with an onsite micro brewery. 

If I had another £3.5 million, I'd buy the Midland Hotel in Hendon and transform it into the pub that the West of the Borough of Barnet deserves. It would become London's best suburban music pub, but would have all manner of other community activities. It would sell the beers from my microbrewery and other small scale breweries. I'd take advantage of the proximity to Thameslink, get it in tge Good Beer Guide and pay the musicians who play a decent whack, to ensure the best artists play. 

So I've saved £1,005,000 but spend £6.5 million more. Seems like I've even less self control than before!

Anyway, if you've got the odd eight million quid spare and you want to make an old git very happy, drop me a DM. I'll be buying a ticket tonight, fingers crossed!

If I had the dough, I'd spend a bit on promoting this a bit more. The False Dots are playing at The Dublin Castle on Sat 3rd February, if you fancy a good night out, click here for tickets

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