Friday, 21 November 2008

Best Tory Councillor in Barnet Competition - Current Leader !!!!

Credit where credit is due. You may think that all I do is go around moaning about how useless various Conservative Councillors are and finding faults with everything they do. In actual fact, nothing could be further from the truth and I'm happy to write nice things about any Councillor who deserves it and is doing a good job.

One Councillor who is clearly doing a great job is Hale Councillor Richard Wieder. He runs a blog (a free one on blogspot). On his latest entry he has mentioned he's attending a Council meeting and is asking for us to give him any questions to ask which we may have. I think that this is a really interesting and innovative idea and hope that many people come up with useful questions.

It seems to me that Richard is doing what a local Councilor should in an interesting and dynamic way and deserves some recognition for it. I hope people use his forum and post good questions. That is how local democracy should work.

Click HERE for Richards blog


Don't Call Me Dave said...

It's all very well Richard inviting questions, but like The Leader Listens, he only really answers those he wants to hear. If you check his archives, you will see that Cllr Weider failed to address my question regarding YouTubeGate.

do call me dave said...

But Weider is a Councillor in Edgware!

Anonymous said...

re: Don't Call Me Dave

do call me dave (aka crackhead) has a point. She reminds us that Councillors outside of the cabinet aren't allowed to have views or comment on the work of the Council.

How silly of you to think that at £10k pa a pop they would be expected to engage their brains in public debate.

Shame on you!