Friday, 7 November 2008

Carry on up the Council - Barnet Council remakes a classic

Stop Press. Following the fantastic success of Barnet's YouTube initiative, they have decided to make their very own full length feature film. As proven masters of Slapstick Humour, they are using our very own loved and cherished Councillors to play the part of your favourites. The likeness is uncanny !!! In a bold innovating move, they've even decided to use real council meetings and events instead of using studios and actors. Barnet leads the world. Councillor Michael Whitney Freer - I salute you !!!!

Unlike us humourless Trotskyite Labourista's, the Tories show they really have a great sense of humour. There are some fantastic special effects too. Be stunned as £27.4 Million pounds disappears before your eyes !!!!! Chortle as Council Leader Kenneth Williams puts poor old Alison Moore in her place. Guffaw as Ex Mayor Hattie Jacques tells Deputy Council Leader Jim Dale that what he needs is some Backbone !!!!! Snigger as Mayor Hawtree tells ex mayor Hattie Jacques that "If she's not being called stupid, she's not doing her job". And best of all, just follow licensing commitee chairman, Councillor Sid James eye's every time Councillor's Barbara Windsor and Fenella Feilding walk across the council chamre floor.

And if any of them ever get thirsty, there's always Councillor Bernard Cribbins to get the teas.

Oh come on guys, it's the weekend, have some fun and lighten up !!!!


danfhope said...

Hey RogT, that's really unfair on Sid James. People used to laugh WITH him...

Don't Call Me Dave said...

A Dad’s Army film would be more appropriate for Barnet. No prizes for guessing who should play the bumbling bank manager Captain Mainwaring - a man who thinks he knows everything but is actually hopelessly out of his depth. But who should play the part of Corporal “Don’t Panic” Jones? So many to choose from.