Monday, 1 November 2010

London Fire Dispute : Brian Coleman - Boris Johnsons sock puppet

People have been driving me bonkers today. As we've had the joyful spectacle of Brian Coleman spouting forth about the firemen and the strike, people seem to think I'm the man for a quote. Well sorry to say that I'm not going to play today. You see, for once I'm really not that bothered about Brian Coleman and his views on the subject and I don't think anyone else should be. You see Brian Coleman is really just Boris Johnsons sock puppet. Boris appointed Brian Coleman to the job. It is inconceivable that Brian Coleman has a different view on the matter to Boris. There may be differences in style, but Boris must be where the buck stops. Boris used to lecture Ken Livingstone on the need to talk to the RMT when there were tube strikes. Now the firemen are on strike, Boris is nowhere to be seen.

Boris isn't stupid. Coleman is doing his dirty work. If he wins, it's a victory for Boris, if he loses, Coleman will carry the can. What is truly amazing is the fact that Boris Johnson isn't mentioned at all. His strategy is working like a charm and all of the Unions, all of the media and all of the blogging community has bought this.

Except the Barnet Eye. If you really want to see the dispute resolved, forget the oily rag. Don't mention Coleman, blame Boris. He appointed the sock puppet. he must agree with his strategy and his comments. Coleman is and easy figure to vilify and Boris is an easy figure to warm to. It's a classic routine, good cop, bad cop.

I don't buy it, write it everywhere in big letters -


Mrs Angry said...

hmm, I don't know, Rog: speaking as - ahem - a member of the blogging community, I habe already suggested that I think people are better informed than you allow, and increasingly question Boris' judgement in retaining the services of Coleman. The nearer to the Mayoral election we get, the more of a risk Coleman is to Boris's chances. Unless he takes a vow of silence.

ainelivia said...

well done R, think you have sussed Boris on this one