Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 27/12/2014

Without further ado....

1. Christmas comes late to Edgware... Boo Hoo Hoo

Sat 27th Dec 02:12 - It is in Edgware, United Kingdom -

2.  Thanks to Tim Dunn for a great picture of East Finchley in 1962
Stationman Eric England clears the snow from East Finchley London Underground roundel, 1962. (C)

3.  Another reason why we should value Barnets Libraries

4.Mayor of Barnet Hugh Rayner visits Mill Hill Fire Station on Xmas Day. I suspect he was made more welcome than a certain other rather notorious ex Mayor might have been. Good to see Hugh appreciates the efforts of our finest!

25/12 Visiting Mill Hill Fire Station. Firefighters called out during visit. Thank-you being there when we need you!

5.Deputy Mayor of Barnet, David Longstaff launches a brand new Shomrim patrol vehicle - Seems like Barnet is the type of place where we now need to start our own Police forces to stay safe in our homes. Can't help but feel a bit depressed that the Police are no longer seen as the solution to keeping our neighbourhoods safe.

The new patrol vehicle, launched at last night’s excellent Annual Chanuka Event and Award Ceremony. 

6.Mr Reasonable calls into question the Barnet Council libraries consultatio

Cost of Barnet's library consultation £80,930. Only 1 bidder, ORS. Why no other bidders and is it value for money?

7.  Andrew Dismore tells us that things can only get better worse

was the worst service in the country last year. Performance of new operator even worse than before.

8. Russell Brand is supporting West Hendon residents. Sadly the council couldn't care less.

TrewsReports is on an unbelievable housing scam by Barratts and West Hendon council. Check it

 9. Barnet Council planning to flog the Family Silver

10.  And finally .... A little message from Mill Hill Music Complex for all of us contemplating 2015

Some things are hard, Some things are impossible. Hard things only become impossible when you believe those who tell you they are impossible


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