Wednesday 10 December 2014

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - Wednesday 10th December

It's the tenth day of Advent and we continue our journey through the past today for our little Gem. Today we have a PAthe News Video of Dr Cunninghams collection of antique frocks. This was the largest collection of such items and Dr Cunningham lived in Finchley. I find such antique films fascinating. This video is from 1938, the year before the second world war. I guess this really was the end of the era when such things were seen as the height of fashion and elegance. Just a year after, we were plunged into a dire conflict, followed by the austerity of the late 40's & 50's. These gave way to the swinging 60's and the mini!

For our Charity focus today, we also focus on Finchley and the excellent North London Hospice. Whilst it is an establishent none of us want to visit or enter, when we have to we find that it is the most fantastic establishment. How many of us have had a friend or relative who needed the services provided and have seen the excellent work first hand. I cannot praise this organisation highly enough and if you are looking for somewhere to help in this festive season, this is cetrainly somewhere that should be high on your list - - if you don't fancy donating, why not visit one of their 18 local shops and buy a few presents for your friends and family there. It all helps and makes a big difference.

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Lindsay said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the North London Hospice. A friend of mine received great support from them when she was widowed and more recently, a lady whom I had the honour to know who had been a volunteer there, spent her last few days there. When I visited her, I was most impressed with the care she received from the delightful nursing staff. We often shrink from death but NLH makes it easier for all concerned.