Wednesday 3 August 2016

How much has #Brexit cost you so far?

Just a quick question. Have you worked out how much #Brexit has cost you so far?

If you've been on holiday, the drop in the £ will have increased your costs by approx 10%. If you have filled up your car, petrol prices have risen as Oil is priced in dollars. I've also noticed that imported food prices have started to rise.

I hope all #Brexiteers think this is a price worth paying. It is shocking how dishonest papers such as The Mail and The Express have been, claiming that pre referendum statistics prove Brexit is a good thing and that companies making long planned investments have in some cases carried on with the schemes.

It is far too early to really understand what will happen, especially as we are still in the dark as to the new settlement, but as far as the average person is concerned, if you eat, buy petrol or holiday abroad, you are already hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

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