Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Boycott The Daily Telegraph for England FC stitch up

If ever there was any doubt before, there can be none now. The role of England manager has been rendered a chalice of poison by our guttural press. What sane person would take such a job? Whilst few would be surprised at stitch up sting operations by The Sun or The Mirror, if even the doddery old Telegraph is getting down and dirty, surely there is no hope.

Sure, they have managed to convince us all that Sam Allardice is Satan incarnate, let us take a step back and consider what we actually saw happen. Let's put some context around it. First, who really believes the upper echelons of football are not compromised and corrupt. There is plenty of documentary evidence of real corruption, not least in the award of World Cups, without having to invent bogus businessmen and imaginary dodgy deals.

And what did the Telegraph actually prove? That when a man gets drunk (who else clocked the pints of white wine being guzzled in the footage), that we show poor judgement. Allardice spouted forth in an unprofessional manner, but he did so in private, in the company of people introduced by friends. 

Sure if he'd taken money, helped facilitate dodgy dealings, broken rules, it would be a story, but he didn't. He simply spouted forth. Of course if an England manager says FA rules and regulations can be circumvented, it looks bad, but can we be sure he wasn't simply advising that he is experienced and could advise the businessmen on how to do what they wanted and stay within the rules. Most businessmen don't want to pay taxes, wise ones employ accountants to help them do this legally. Does every manager who employs an accountant to avoid tax need to be ruled out.

The truth is that the next England manager knows all of the press will be out to stitch him up. He will know that all manner of friends and colleagues will potentially have been tucked up by the Telegraph to shaft them. They will know that if they get pissed and speak indiscreetly they will lose their job and their reputation. You will know everyone who is proposing potential business deals to you may be a 'fake sheik' simply wanting to get you the sack.

Do you want to see a successful England football team? If you do I suggest you start by boycotting The Telegraph. They have created a crisis out of nothing. Of course Allardice was stupid and greedy, but he's not the first man to be dazzled by booze and cash into behaving badly.

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