Friday 30 September 2016

The Friday Joke - 30/9/2016 - Is Great Britain a Democracy

Want to here a real joke?

Great Britain is a democracy.

Consider our last five Prime Ministers

Tony Blair won three elections starting in 1997. He had a huge majority and a democratic mandate, didn't he? Yep, but he started a war based on a vote in Parliament, where a whole bunch of lies were told to MP's. Tens of thousands of people died. What has ever been done about Parliament being mislead? Nothing.

He was succeeded by Gordon Brown. Unlike Tony Blair he was elected by no one. He was simply crowned by a bunch of a few hundred Labour MP's. British voters threw this unelected leader out at the first possible opportunity.

He was succeeded by David Cameron. He didn't win the 2010 election. He needed the support of the Lib Dems. Despite having less than 10% of MP's they got to crown David Cameron as Prime Minister. As part of the deal to crown Cameron, they dropped the main policy that won them votes, which was to protect students from high fees and loans.

The electorate showed the Lib Dems what they thought of them in 2015. They went from 56 MP's to eight. David Cameron won a majority in Parliament. But was this democratic? Less than a quarter of people elegible actulaly voted Conservative. In Scotland, they won 1 seat. Within a year Cameron was gone.

We now have Prime Minister Theresa May. She had even less of a mandate than Gordon Brown. May was elected by nobody, as her main challenger Andrea Leadsome stood aside, before Tory members could even vote for her.

Am I the only one who finds it mildly amusing that all of the above have said that Jeremy Corbyn, who won over 60% of votes in a mass ballot of Labour members is unelectable?

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