Tuesday 21 March 2017

Barnet Council Overdevelopment update - Housing planned for Whalebones Park

 Whalebones Park

Many people in and around the Barnet area have grown up with a fond attachment to Whalebones Park in Barnet. As a child, it was always a big Sunday treat to go out for a drive in my dad's Humber Hawk car. Perhaps the favourite destination was Whalebones and I listed it as one of the top ten things to see in Barnet back in July 2012, when we were only on our eigth Saturday list (we've now done over 120!). 

Gwyneth Cowing left the 14 acre site  Whalebones Park to the people of Barnet but now the trustees want to sell off 11 acres to builders.  Their aim at this stage is to include the land in the council’s new local plan for housing development, even though Whalebones falls within the Wood Street Conservation area.

The trustees of Whalebones have approached builders about development of the site. If this is ratified it gives development a green light despite being opposed by several councillors and Theresa Villiers local MP.

The development excludes the three acres belonging to Whalebones house which has recently been sold but may now also be under threat. Initially prep work will include site investigation including heritage, archeological and environmental, but given the fact that the recent one in the land next door was whitewashed with no wildlife findings being taken into account any done so now will need to be thorough.

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Whalebones development
We are asking that every person who is a friend of Whalebones lets local MP Theresa Villiers know of their opposition to this scheme. Go on the link to The Barnet Society and leave objections in the comments box. Write or email the council to let them know your feelings.  If anyone is or knows of ANY experts in any areas that might be of use please bring them on board. If anyone can help with ideas please do, We have a facebook page to help pull the campaign together, please join. 

Please share this post to anyone and everyone, let's show the trustees and the council just what it means to Barnet.

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