Sunday 19 March 2017

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 19/03/2017

Morning campers! Have you awoken from your slumbers wondering what's been going on in our local community this week? Well if you have, here's our pick of the weeks top tweets from our little corner of Planet Earth.

1. We had an Italian Market in the Broadway, where we were serenaded royally by our very own accordian player!

2. BBC London radio show host spoke fondly of how librarians at Burnt Oak Library inspired him!

3. Not strictly a Barnet tweet, but I am sure anyone from round these parts will snigger when they see this!

4. This is a rather lovely tweet

5. A rather sad little piece of graffiti in East Finchley :(

6. It will come as no surprise to some (Mrs Angry? Buzzing Helen), that Finchley has long been a hot bed of trouble makers

7.We also had a fire at a scrapyard in Cricklewood

8.Live in Colindale? Fancy a fictional writing workshop?

9.Some lovely pics from a rather soggy Barnet Rebel!

10.And on the subject of gloomy vistas!

Thats all folks!!!!!!

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