Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Barnet Eye Advent Calendar - Sunday 3rd December

Today is day three of our Barnet Eye Advent calendar. Every day we're bringing you a hidden gem from the London Borough of Barnet! Today we look at a brand new edition to our local cultural scene. I take a small amount of pride in playing a tiny role in making it happen. I am of course referring to the new Town Square in Mill Hill, yesterday opened by Mill Hill Councillor and Deputy Mayoress Val Duschinksy (apologies for the misplaced thumb!)

We had two days of festivities to celebrate and it was fantasic. We had Ballet, Choirs, Swing, Rock and Roll, Indie and pop artists performing. Despite the cold weather there was a very warm glow around. When summer comes, I think people will really start to appreciate the space. Don't just take my word for it, checkout these tweets from locals joining in the fun. If you don't know Mill Hill, the space is next  to Boots and opposite Iceland.

Of course the Town square has only been opened for 2 days, but the response I've had has been 100% positive!

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If you are familiar with the Barnet Eye advent Calendar, you will also know that besides the Gem, we also feature a local charity or charitable event that we suggest you might like to take a festive interest in.  Today we have a bit of a special feature. You see my wife, Clare is running in the Santa Dash for Gt Ormond Street Hospital as a write this. If you appreciate the efforts I've put into the blog over the last nine years (or even if you don't) why not sponsor her for a couple of quid.  It is a subject close to my heart as this hospital saved my nephew's life a few years back, when he had pneumonia and collapsed lung aged 7. He's grown up to be a fine fella, he even runs Marathons, which shows just what a fine job GOSH did. Whilst I can never really thank them enough, I can do a little bit of fund raising. I really hope a few readers of this blog can find a few quid to spare. It would make me feel as if it is worth the hours I've put in is in some way worth it and that some of my readers care.

Thanks for your continued support of this blog! This week we passed 2,150,000 views. The popularity and support continues to astound me

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