Sunday 18 February 2018

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 18/02/2018

It's Sunday so it's time for the Tweets of The Week again.

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1. Want to help put together the next edition of Mill Hill Today? Here's your chance

2.David Ardetti wonders what happened to plans for a Cycle Superhighway in the London Borough of Barnet. So do we!

3.Nice Tweet from the Mill Hill Historical Society

4. An interesting picture of Cricklewoods Masonic lodge, which gathers in the Crown Hotel. Clearly not such a secret society these days!

5. And whilst in that neck of the woods, here are some nice pics of Childs Hill by Andrew Roberts

6.Great historical tweet here, from IncludeOurStreetsN12 - I remember Mann Egerton well. My father used to collect spares for car repairs from their service counter.

7.This however breaks my heart

8. Until this is sorted, we will have to keep including Mark Amies Tweets

9. More urban decay in Mill Hill

10.But there is some great music being made!

That's all folks!

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