Monday 14 June 2021

Grenfell fourth anniversary remembered - A poem for the victims and the #Endourcladdingscandal victims

I am almost exhausted of things to say about Grenfell, the Cladding Scandal, the Fire Safety Scandal etc. The tragedy was avoidable, it should never have happened. People should not be still living in Roman Candle style buildings clad in flammable material. 

All I can do as an artist, is use words. Here is a poem I wrote. I just wish I could do more.


The Roman Candle (#Endourfiresafetyscandal)

On the 14th of June we heard the news       

that Grenfell had gone up in smoke         

72 died, hundreds were homeless and       

The system of justice is broke                       

Living in a Roman Candle

Time to end the Cladding Scandal

Living in a Roman Candle

It proves that the system is broke

Time to end the cladding scandal

We don’t want a Roman candle

Time to end the cladding Scandal

People need safe homes


I hereby Authorise this poem for free usage by anyone associated with the Justice for Grenfell campaign and the #Endthe claddingscandal campaign

Copyright 2021 Roger Tichborne

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