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The tides of change in Mill Hill Broadway - 1958 to 2009 (updated with pics 2020)

Audrey Shaw
Editor Note - This blog was originally written by Audrey Shaw in 2010 for the amusement of readers of the Barnet Eye, she had found an old list of shops in the Broadway in 1959 and updated it with the occupants in 2009. In 2010, she suggested I could post it on my blog. Audrey passed away recently.  She moved from Mill Hill a couple of years ago. Today was her funeral so in tribute, I've updated her blog with some modern pictures and some older ones.

Many long standing locals will know Audrey from Lloyds bank, where she was a cashier for over 30 years and from the Sacred Heart Church. Today is her funeral, we will drink her health as a family at 8.30pm


By Audrey Shaw,

A little bit of fun for the weekend. This is how Mill Hill Broadway has changed since the Shaw family moved to Mill Hill in 1958.

Mill Hill as it was in 1958
North side.2

Hillings Ltd (nurserymen) NOW…./……1/7 Marks & Spencer & Car Park
Lebons Coal Merchants
Mill Hill Station Goods Yard
(This was before the M ! Motorway)
London Slate & Tile Co.
3 Rickett Cockrell & Co (Coal Merchants)
3a Cherry Coal Merchants
5 Callis R N Cycle Dealer
5a Blair K Electrical Engs.
5b Bradstreet & Co.Estate Agents
9 Daborn J A F Ltd Art Dealer 9 The Tavern
9 Sydney Dunn Outfitters
11 Bailey H Hairdresser 11 Liason Hairdressers

13 Flemings Confectioners 13 Sarastem Travel Agents
15/17 J Sainsbury Provisions 5/17 Best One
19 Electricity Service Centre 19 Costa Restraunt

Entrance to Millway
21 Barclays Bank Ltd 21 Barclays Bank Ltd
23 Meyers Fruiterers 23 Fratelli Deli
23 Lewis Tobacconist
25 Walton Hassel & Port Grocers 25 Jennings Betting
27 Mill Hill Post Office 27 Hees Restraunt
29 W.H.Smith & Sons Stationers 29 W H Smith & Sons Stationers
31 Boltons Florists 31 Care Chemist
33 United Dairies Ltd 33 Halifax Bdg Soc.
35 North Thames Gas Board 35 Post Office
37 Renovator Shoe Service 37 Cancer Rearch
37 A Marks Antiques
39 Dewhurst Butchers 39 A & Y Locksmith

41 G.O Lett Radio Dealer
41 Achille Serre Dyers & Cleaners 41 American Dry Cleaners
43 F W Woolworth & Co Ltd 43 Iceland
45Liptons Tea/ 45a Grisson Confectioners 45 Santander Bank

47 McDedermotts Boots & Shoes 47 La Mode
49 Dorothy Perkins Lingerie 49 Ronald Brown Opticions
51 The Elite Confectioners 51 All Abroad Charity
51 Diane Ladies Wear 51 Wild Swans
55 Westminster Bank Ltd 55 Nat West Bank

57 U K tea Co. 57 Tony & Guy
59/61 Walters & Drew Ltd Outfitters 59/61 Sports shop
63 Reeds Mens & Boys Wear 63/65 Image
Exeter House Exeter House
67 E R Goodrich Hardwear 67 Bar & Kitchen
69 Randalls Boots & Shoes
71 Richards Hicks Greengrocers 69/71 image
73/75 Midland Bank td 73/75 H.S B C Bank
77 Wool Kraft Wool Shop 77 Aquapuncture Centre
79 Owen Aves Optician Shut
Mill Hill Scenes
81 Morris Ladies Hairdresser 81 Sapori Deli
83 Telephone Exchange 83 Telephone Exch /Now in Goodwyn Ave.

85 Ruthella Millinery 85 Mill Hill Wines
87 Ann Cooper 87 Tzefira Jewellery
89 Nottley Newsagents 89 Broadway News

91Hebbs Furnishers Ltd 91 Kilworth

93 Home linens Ltd 93 Hena Salons
95 Macfisheries 95 Mill Hill Prem Bath Rooms
97/101 London Coop Soc. 97/101 Bell at Mill Hill
103 Payantakes Stores Ltd 103 Goodwood Furniture
Mill Hill Scenes 105 Lawleys China & Glass 105 Shut
Mill Hill Scenes 107 Tolley & Co Chemist 107 Nails
109 WhiteHeather Restrauant 109 Mirror Image
111 Hutleys Greengrocers 111 Pizza Hut
111 Glovers Gents Hairdressers
113 Kenyon Ladies Fashions 113 Red Rooster
115 Vernon Williams Drapers 115 The Shop Retail
117 J G Miller Ltd Tobacconists 117 Claudio
117 Marie Milliner 117 Princess Daisy

119 Jessies Greengrocers 119 Deli Express
121 Parker Shoe Repair Service 121 Modish Tress
121 Pylons Radio Ltd 121 Sole to Sole
123 E W Leech & Sons Ltd 123 Day of the Raj
125 David J Hume Travel Bureau
127 Lloyds Bank Ltd 125/127 Lloyds T S B

Here is Goodwyn Ave.

129 Express Dairy 129 Frank Usher Ladies Fashions
131 Elkins Bros Mens Outfitters 131 Classic Flooring
133 H A Blunt & Sons ltd 133 Radiation Made to Measure
135/137 Cosway Estate Agents 135/137 Cosway Estate Agents
139 Wendys Corsetiers 139 Clinic
141 Patricia Hairdressers 141 Neda Spa
The Hunters Horn Rest. The Good Earth

Mill Hill South Side Mill Hill South side
C J Hunt& CoLtd

This is Mill Hill Bus Station

Brix Ltd Builders to make way for the M1
Charringtons Coals
Rene Ladies Wear

Here Is Station Rd

2 The New Café 2 The Mill Hill Tandoori Restaurant

Mill Hill Scenes
4 A R cross Chemist 4 Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe
6 G W Rice & Son Domestic Hardwear 6 Mail Box Etc

8/10 National Prov.Bank 8/10 Bairstow Eves Estate Agents
12 Lidstone Butchers 12 Cooksley Butchers
14 Perry Wine Merchants 14 Dolland & Aitcheson
16Tip-Top Dry Cleane 16 H O B ,Hair on Broadway
18 Mill Hill T/V 18 Marie Curie Charity

20 Mac Fisheries 20 Jennys

22 Kentfield Stationers 22 Ellis & Co Estate Agents
24 North London Conservative Assn. 24 Fone House
26 Carpenters Solicitors 26 Carpenters Solicitors
26 Griffiths Bros Builders 26 Café Sandwich Bar
28 Spurriers Bakers 28 Barbers Shop
28 L Salin Confectioner 28 Gioletto Gifts
30 Tanare Ltd Ladies Wear 30 Howard Bros Outfitters

Here is Brockenhurst Gardens

32/34 Boots The Chemist 32/34 Boots The Chemist

36 Eastmans Dry Cleaners 36 Logo
36 Elsa Arridge Gowns 36 Rickman
38 Corfields Jewellers 38 Ladbrokes Betting
40 Thompson & Son Butchers 40 Olives Rest.
42 Denfield Ladies Hairdressers 42 Agra Quick Film
42 Mill Hill Travel Centre 42 Sew On
44 Battsons Bakers 44 Greggs Bakers
46 Cullens Stores 46 Nationwide Bdg Soc
48 Newman & Son Butchers 48 Leyla Rest.
50 Freeman Hardy & Willis 50 Oxfam Charity
52 John Nodes Funeral Service 52 Ton Ton Turtle
54 Regent Tableware Ltd 54 Broadway Car Hire
54 Richard James Estate Agents
56 T Davies Lingerie 56 In and Out
Mill Hill Scenes
58 Mence Smith Hardware 58 Norman James Ltd Hardware
60 Kate Trorman Gowns 60 Millet Sports
62 Lewis Electrical Services 62 Dry Cleaners
64 Rosin Confectioners & Bakers 64 Daniel Shoes Ladies
64 Foxwell Tobacco 66 Blockbusters
66 Scottish Dyers ^ Cleaners

Mill Hill Scenes
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Rebuilt

Here is Flower Lane

Mebes & Mebes Garage Star Garage

Here is Hartley Ave.

Building that used to be the Capitol Cinema Athene House Offices
88 Edgware Garden Supplies 88 Delisserie
90 Ainsleys Tobacco& Confectionery 90 Bakery
94 Bradshaw & \Co Estate Agents 92 Pizza Express
Union Reform Church Union Reform Church to be Demolished
April 2010

Audrey Shaw is a long time Mill Hill resident. Guest blogs are always welcome at the Barnet Eye.

This blog was first published on the 16th May 2010. Sadly Audrey passed away recently, so I have updated it with the current shop is in Mill Hill as a tribute to Audrey. I've also added a few other views from over the years. It was Audreys funeral today. Sadly, due to Covid, I couldn't attend.


Broadway Blogger said...

A very interesting article. I was wondering whether there are any photos of the Cinema - the only one I have seen is taken from the side. If anyone can post a link to one that would be great. Plus if anyone has a drawing or plan of what is proposed for the Church site once it is demolished that would also be appreciated. Hopefully the new building will blend in better than the one that replaced the Cinema....

Anonymous said...

There's a fascinating piece of archive footage on the BFI website featuring Mill Hill Broadway circa 1955. It's about 08.50 minutes into a film titled 'A quiet morning', and features a mother & daughter out shopping, before catching a fictitious bus home along the Broadway. The double deck bus leaves the stop by Station Road, apparently heading straight for the low bridge dead ahead, before the camera suddenly shows it heading the opposite way towards the Capitol Cinema. This charming segment shows what a delightful place Mill Hill Broadway once was, and how busy with shoppers, long before the era of supermarkets effectively killed the local High Street.

Anonymous said...

In 1954 when we moved to Burnt Oak my brother went to the old derelict Capitol cinema and found some old film of Popeye and Olive Oyl also some old film of the bombing of Pearl Harbour which we showed on an old projector. I think it was around the end of 1958 or early 1959 that a company called J,S.&F.Folkard, who sold building supplies I believe, took over the building as I knew a couple of people who worked there. Does anyone else remember that company??

27 August 2016

Howlround said...

I've been asked to pass on the following information from MH Broadway ex-resident Richard Lovejoy, who now works with the Reelstreets website. Denis H.
"The main point of my writing now is to make a slight correction to the reference to ’45 The Broadway being Grisson Confectioners - Santander Bank’. In fact 45 The Broadway (now Santander Bank) was Lipton’s (Tea, Groceries and Provisions), Grisson were at 45a now showing as ‘Saranet’. As I recall the Manager of Lipton’s was Mr Heggarty or something very similar. Mr Grisson was a confectioner and at one time made chocolates on the premises. Presumably, life and/or events necessitated Mr Grisson ceasing production, changing the shop to a more conventional confectioners shop of its day. My parents acquired the business in 1960 and much of Mr Grisson's equipment remained in the store corridor. We lived in the flat above. We continued the Grisson ‘branding’ of green and white/cream striped chocolate boxes throughout our time there. A hike in the lease forced my parents to eventually close the shop.

If any of that could be fed into the system I would appreciate it."

finney said...
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Rog T said...

Hi Finney,
I think you missed them - on the 1958 list 39 Dewhursts, 12 Lidstones (Cooksleys on 2009), 48 Newman & sons. I worked as a Saturday boy in Lidstones in 1978. A friend, Pete Conway was a buthcers apprentice in Dewhursts around the same time. If you've got more info or pics, then great

finney said...
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finney said...

I have deleted my comments as no interest,