Saturday, 23 May 2009

Richard Barnbrook - London BNP GLA Member - Wins an Award !

The Barnet Eye is pleased to award the first annual Goldfish Impersonator of the Year award. This years winner of the prestigious award is none other than London GLA member and BNP member Richard Barnbrook.

This award is presented annually to the London Politician who opens and shuts his mouth most times in a public place, without anything actually coming out (anything sensible that is). I must thank his fellow assembly member James Cleverly for nominating him by providing this fine piece of evidence on his blog :-


James sits next to Mr Barnbrook on the GLA, so maybe he'd be so kind as to give him the prize. We'll be sending James the fantastic prize - some tasty Tubifex worms, a treat for all of your familys Goldfish, to present to Richard at his next meeting. The Barnet Eye would also like to congratulate Richard Barnbrook on his prolific workrate since becoming a GLA member. He has managed to send out an impressive three press releases since he took office, the last in October - CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM - it is good to see that the BNP are this active in office. They often criticise other parties as troughers, scrougers and parasites? Can you guess how many other GLA members have sent out fewer press releases? Look at the shape of Richards mouth in my picture for a clue. The impressive total of three is a whole 1 more than the number of investigations Richard has prompted. Richard has run into hot water for making up porkies about crime in his patch. It must be assumed that as they thought they had a good chance of getting a seat at the GLA, Richard was the best candidate they had in London. Of course it's a free country, so people can vote for anyone on the ballot paper, but surely even BNP voters must be a little bit disappointed that with all the things going on in London since October 2008, Richard hasn't bothered to put out a single press release? Don't they feel just a tiny bit let down? He is there poster boy and yet he has nothing to say.

The BNP claim that they are different to the other parties. It seems they are correct. They are even more lazy !

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