Monday, 26 October 2009

The Brian Coleman Free Dinner register - Fire Brigade Special Edition !!!!!

*** Yet Another Barnet Eye World Exclusive ***

As regular readers will no doubt be aware, the disgraced Mayor of Barnet, the only Mayor in the history of Barnet to have been found guilty of breaching the Standards Code whilst in office, has a second job, Courtesy of Boris Johnson. He's the Head of London's fire services. Regular readers of this column will know that Brian Coleman is currently using this job to push through changes to the working conditions. These are basically mean, penny pinching measures designed to make the job more unpleasant for these brave men and women.

You'll doubtless be pleased to know that it isn't all work for Mayor Coleman at the LEFPA, he gets the opportunity to do what we all know he's best at - Yup, there's a whole swathe of dinners not covered in the GLA list of Free dinners. Here's three Bitesized chunks from the Fire Brigades hospitality register. I've got a little game for you. Count how many Free dinners Brian Coleman has whilst doing his job, then count up everyone elses. Who do you think guzzled more Posh Nosh - Big Bad Brian or the rest of them put together. And here's an even better conundrum did he nosh more before or after Boris promoted him.

Here's  tasty Bite number one :-

Yup so Far Brian Coleman 6 - The rest 2 (April to July 2009)

Now lets try Bite Number two :-

Yup it was tighter in this period July 2008 - April 2009, but Good old Mayor Coleman squeezed it through beating the rest of the world by the odd dinner 6-5.

And now for our third big tasty dollop of dinners :-

Yup, a stunning victory for Brian Coleman. Even in the pre Boris era, he trounced the rest of the world 13-7. When it comes to guzzling dinners at someone elses expense, there is no one who can touch our very own Mayor Coleman.

Now of course the Barnet Eye in no way implies that there is anything in anyway untoward about all of these dinners being scoffed. I mean if people want to treat Brian Coleman to a slap up dinner it's their business. I just wonder how many more Free Dinner registers there are with dinners we don't know about lurking around out there. And for Gods sake please, someone, give him a free Gym membership, I'm getting really worried about the state of our esteemed Mayor's arteries with all of these dinners.

Check the full document here - 

And you may like a peek at this as well - - Mr Colemans on-line fire brigade expenses.I notice that unlike the rest of us, Mayor Coleman gets Boris to pay his congestion charge. Nice work if you can get it !!!!!


Don't Call Me Dave said...


Perhaps I am missing something here, but all members of the Assembly receive a 6 zone annual Oyster card. Why is Brian Coleman additionally allowed to claim for mileage and the congestion charge?

Rog T said...

A fair question, one I'm sure Boris is contemplating as we speak

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I am more fascinated by what a Minister for Fire does, do they bring the fire or do they control it or just summon it like voodoo?