Saturday 16 January 2010

The end of Crapital punishment

Are you sick of the awful service level provided by rail operator First Capital Connect? I am. I've had enough of travel chaos. I've had enough of turning up for a train and finding that they've all been cancelled. I'm fed up of getting messages from my staff at the studio telling me they can't get into work because all the trains are cancelled. I'm fed up going to get a train, finding it cancelled, waiting for hours on end as trains too full to board stop and I can't get on, whilst other half empty trains zoom past Mill Hill. I'm fed up with excuses. Most of all, I'm fed up with the fact that Moir Lockhead, the managing director of First Group said in an update that the train operations were performing well.This man gets over a quarter of a million pounds in renumeration for running this awful service.

If you feel like me then it is time to do something. Sign the No 10 Downing Street petition, which I've put a link to in the sidebar. It's a simple process. You click on my link, you enter your name and address. You click the button, then you receive an email from No 10 website, which you reply to and you're done. It costs nothing and the more people who sign this, the more the Government will take notice. If the Government sack First Group from the Thameslink franchise, then all of the other rail companies will sit up and take note. We may all get a better service. Now, I've written countless blogs about this. I'm asking a little favour of you. Please would you email any friends you know with the details of the petition. Either put a link to this blog or direct to the petition in an email.There is an election soon. Many of the seats which First Capital Connect pass through are marginals, so the Government are more likely to take note now. If you can't be bothered, don't moan next time you are stuck for hours on a platform, as your train is delayed for hours. Let these greedy fat cat companies know that we won't take poor service for one day longer.

Picture : The Image First Capital Connect would like to portray. You may notice that rather interestingly there are no passengers in the picture, which sums up their attitude.

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