Sunday, 28 August 2011

ARRANDENE WALK - One of Mill Hill's hidden gems

Just thought I'd drop in a few pictures taken on a recent walk around Arrandene openspace in Mill Hill. I love living in Mill Hill when the sun shines. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we actually live in a nice part of London and it is worth defending


button55 said...

Try to spot the outline in the trees of commander Offord covertly laying up and waiting to pounce on the local pot heads having a crafty spliff.Like a whirlwind tracer fire everywhere,Offord and his team of special forces cut down the perpitrators and then are airlifted by chopper back to base.The local women clutch their heaving breasts yearning to have his babies oh! Matthew we feel so safe now that you are back, thank god for small mercies.You are a real man and hero.Mill Hill is that much more serene now we thank you.

GFL said...

I have lived in Finchley for over 40 years and never knew of Arrandene. Indeed a hidden gem. Thanks. Is it safe from Tory vandals seeking cash?