Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back in Barnet - What have i missed?

Just walked in the door after 10 day on a cruise in the med and in Barcelona. What have I missed?

Having been in self imposed blog exile, I have much reading to do to catch up. Had a lovely cruise on NCL cruise lines on the Norwegian Epic. The possible higlight (as a Barnet blogger) was the guy who noticed my "Barnet Eye Bolloxvision" T-shirt (a present from my big sis for Xmas). He said "Are you anything to do with the Barnet Eye blog?". I replied "Yup, that's me". He went on to explain that he's the head of a Tory council & a good mate of Eric Pickles. When Pickles made his famous "Barnet bloggers" speech, every sane and rational Tory council in the land checked out why Pickles had picked on a Tory Council as an example of why bloggers are a force for good. Seems like they all hauled their CEO's in and said "Can this happen here?" (in reference to Metpro). It also seems like the response is "Nope, we run our affairs professionally, Barnet are a basket case".

Seems like they all think Barnet is a basket case. I won't embarrass my new found friend by divulging the details of what he said, but he confirmed something I'd been wondering. Yup, Barnet are a pariah council


baarnett said...

I don't suppose you, Roger, you got your holiday as a sponsored visit to British troops by the defence industry, perhaps to maintain that sector's favoured financial subsidy from the political class, that some would say distorts Britain's research and development from more productive industries which might lead to greater long-term prosperity, and allowing the recipient to over-hype his activities by issuing press releases to the Barnet Times and Barnet Press?

No, it was just a holiday, I expect.

baarnett said...

And let us not forget that the numskulls of Barnet may have given way over video recording (the Barnet Bugle will be videoing in 3D-HD and Dolby SurroundSound soon) but the battle is not yet won in the Land of the Dragons, HERE.

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