Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Arts Depot issues press release clarifying its funding arrangements and relationship with Barnet Council

Please note - The below text is from a press release issued today by Arts Depot.  This does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the statements. The full text is available using the link below. 

artsdepot is a leading cultural hub in North London and has been celebrating the arts since 2004. The award-winning venue has its roots firmly in the community, nurturing young talent, and engaging with people through participation and outreach projects, whilst presenting artists from across the globe. With its vibrant programme of performances and exhibitions, artsdepot surprises and thrills audiences of all ages.

A thriving venue, artsdepot welcomes over 100,000 visitors every year, people who come to watch, learn or be inspired. With its stunning architecture, welcoming public spaces and diverse programme, artsdepot creates space for the imagination.

London Borough of Barnet’s funding of artsdepot which amounted to £194,000 per year ceased on 31 March 2011. The grant was equivalent to 35% of artsdepot’s core funding at the time.

Following a prudent organisational restructure with a focus on reducing costs, artsdepot survived this uncertain period and actually showed growth in the forthcoming year. In the period from September 2010 – August 2011, audience capacity stood at 63%, this increased to 68% for the same period in 2011/12. The venue’s popularity continues to rise with audience capacity reaching an astonishing 80% across its autumn 2012 season.

Tracy Cooper, Chief Executive of artsdepot,  was named in the UK’s first ever Power Part Time list (a prestigious list of 50 of the most senior level part time workers in the UK), recognising her role in saving artsdepot from closure following the complete removal of local authority support in 2011. Tracy is also a member of the Mayor of London’s London Cultural Strategy Grou

View artsdepot's Spring/Summer 2013 season guide online here

Clich here for full text of press release - http://issuu.com/artsdepot01/docs/press_release_-_a_new_partnership_between_artsdepo?mode=window&viewMode=singlePage


Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

I usually agree with your views, but cannot on this one. It sounds like you have regurgitated an artsdepot press release. artsdepot is appallingly badly run. There are too few events for such a large venue, local groups cannot afford to hire it for plays, gigs, creative writing workshops or literary festivals. Although I think it should have LBB funding, I don't believe it is doing the best for the community at all. They must improve their efforts.

Lindsay said...

Had to delete the first comment as I made a typo!

Rog T said...


The reason this looks like a press release is because it is. That is why the title says it is a press release. I thought there comments were worthy of note.

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Cindy Dy said...

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