Monday, 18 March 2013

Stand up for Bethan Tichborne and the right to peaceful protest

Us Tichbornes are a fiesty lot. We always stand up for justice and we always stand together. Bethan Tichborne has been convicted of a public order offence for telling David Cameron he has blood on his hands when he switched on the Xmas lights in Oxfordshire. I thought  Great Britain was a country where free speech and the right to protest were fundamental cornerstones of our society. It seems not. I stand beside Beth and her protest and I urge everyone to write to their MP and demand that we have a written constitution which specifically safeguards the write to express ourselves. If we ignore this, then don't complain when there is a knock on your door in the middle of the night and you are taken away for thinking or saying something the Government doesn't like.

Please read this article in the Guardian about the case. This is very disturbing.

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concernedcarer said...

What has been reported here is beyond belief! Pity if P.M's feelings were hurt! Remind me - What is his job? Why wasn't the Judge as concerned at the alleged Police brutality? Why did this come to Court? Ah! Because the Judge believed the P.M's feelings would be hurt!