Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Saturday List #36 - Odd web things in the London Borough of Barnet

1. The website. Andrew Dismore was the former MP for Hendon. This was his campaign website. It appears that the domain has lapsed and been taken over by someone who likes writing in Swedish and clearly has no association with the Borough. Here is an example post
"Now the car packed, we have changed the tires on the car and is ready to just take the car down to Sk√•ne, where we will be for a week with my in-laws. As I have told my friends that we should go there, they have looked very surprised at me and wondering how I can expose myself to it but they do not know my in-laws that I think are some of the most relaxed and beautiful people that I have encountered and not that annoying as you usually hear about or seen on film. I've been through tough laws so I know exactly what it could be and that's also why I appreciate my current in-laws so much because they are so far from the former as you can get and it's really nice I think."

2. Did Winston Churchill meet Rudolph Hess in Barnet? You can find out all of the details here

3. The Battle of Barnet.  With the recent interest in Richard III's bones and his final resting place, it is worth having a look at this site about his first battle - The Battle of Barnet.

4. The number of bombs dropped on Barnet in the second World War. This site lists all of the bombings of Barnet that were officially noted.

5. If ghosts is your thing, then check out this site, which has details of some famous ghostly sites in the Borough.


tirza waisel said...
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Ron said...

Apparently Dismore is not very good in taking care of his own web site, neither after the interests of his electorate. Some claims that he lost his MP seat because of a nasty campaign, others because some islamicts (??) were up in arms against him. The true is IMHO, is that he was a true Blairist, supporter of the war and privatisation . dismore4MP is really a bad choice. we deserve better then a not so successful member of the political class hooping from the commons to the LGA and back.