Saturday, 20 July 2013

Councillor Brian Coleman makes anti semitic comment about the Mayor of Barnet on Twitter

Disgraced former Mayor of Barnet, Brian Coleman has made an extraordinary attack on the current Mayor, Councillor Melvin Cohen, using his Twitter account. What is perhaps the most startling aspect is the anti semitic nature of the attack, criticising the elderly Mayor for not attending a parade, as it fell on the Sabbath, in stark terms, leaving no room for doubt about the nature of his attack.

According to religious traditions, the Mayor is not able to be driven on the sabbath. Councillor Coleman suggests that elderly Mayor walk several miles in full mayoral regalia to the service.

It is a long standing tradition in the London Borough of Barnet, that when such events fall on a sabbath, the Deputy Mayor represents the office. What astounds me is I had assumed that Councillor Coleman had great reverence for the role and traditions of the office, which is normally exempt from political backbiting. 

The Barnet Eye believes it is a stark demonstration of a rather worrying decline in Mr Colemans judgement following his defeat at the GLA. Attacking people for respecting their cultural religious traditions is a low I thought even Brian Coleman would not hit. How wrong could I be.

One rather hopes that friends who genuinely care about Councillor Coleman use what powers of persuasion they can muster to persuade him to shut up. If you want to see councillor Colemans tweet, you can find it here (assuming he doesn't see sense and remove it).

The Barnet Eye believes that it is completely wrong to use peoples religious observance as a means of attacking their competence for civic roles. If we take Colemans attack to its logical conclusion, we will only employ Athiests as Mayor.


Morris Hickey said...

Is anybody still surprised at the antics and utterances of the unspeakable twat?

Mrs Angry said...

Yes: well said - this curious comment demonstrates the real Coleman, beneath the posturing and vile accusations of anti-semitism thrown at others, a tactic which caused him to fall foul of the Standards committee and forced to apologise for his behaviour.

It is also deeply amusing to see this man, whose use of taxi cabs paid for by the public purse is legendary, advocating that others should walk miles to civic events. But then, self knowledge, and an understanding of the concept of irony, or Freudian projection, is not one we associate with our Brian, is it?