Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Saturday List #40 - The five most crass statements I've ever heard

#1 Yesterday I bumped into an old friend. They told me that they had received an email from an unnamed Barnet Councillor. The person had written to the Councillor about the mess at Your Choice Barnet. According to my friend, the councillor responded equating going on holiday with the boys brigade to looking after an adult with learning difficulties & special needs. I was shocked that such a statement could possibly have been made. It got me thinking. Was this the most crass statement I've ever heard?

I sat up all night pondering this issue. Here is my list. If that is number one, maybe you could tell me whether it is the worst

#2. A friend once broke down at the end of a party and started telling myself and a few friends of her horrific experience of being brutally raped by a stranger on the way home from work. As we sat in shocked silence, one of the group piped up "It must have been awful, I was taking my dog to the park and she got humped by a randy Labrador, now she is scared to go out".

#3 I was in Lourdes with a group of disabled people, as volunteer for HCPT. I was pushing a person in a Wheelchair through the main sanctury when an American tourist stopped and asked if he could take our picture as he wanted a "picture of a  cripple at the grotto". Sadly my response was less than suitable for such a holy place.

#4 I was at the Green Man pub (now the Harvester in Mill Hill) when a group of people in Wheelchairs entered. The Landlord asked them to leave as "we don't serve vegetables". There was also a journalist present, and the story made the Sunday newspapers. The pub closed down shortly after.

#5 I was at a Status Quo concert, again with a friend in a wheelchair. He was a approached by a prostitute who asked if he would like a good time. My friend was semi paralysed. He playfully replied "I'd love to, but I'm afraid it hasn't worked for years". The girl laughed and had a chat with him, before wandering off. After she left, someone who was standing next to me said "Thats disgusting, how could she do THAT, even for money". My friend who was a very articulate Kerryman, immediately responded "Because even in a wheelchair, she saw I was twice the man you'll ever be".

Anyway, have a nice weekend.

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Ron said...

Don't know why you bother. you could collect those just by listening to Rams for 5 minutes.