Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What do you have to do to not win an outsourcing contract with Barnet Council?

Care homes for the Elderly in Barnet are provided by a company called Catalyst. This contract has been outsourced for a number of years. In this period we have seen the following:

Catalyst sued Barnet Council and won £8 million. The council incurred approx £2 million in legal fees. The reason for the case? Catalyst believed they weren't making big enough profits out of the taxpayer.

A resident at a Catalyst care home fell out of a window and died.

Barnet Council health inspectors found legionella in the water at a care home.

The council are taking enforcement action against the company.

The contract was recently up for renewal and Catalyst are being re awarded the contract. We don't know why because the council has restricted the paperwork

So the Barnet Eye has to ask. How bad do you have to be as a supplier, before Barnet Council say "enough". Sadly no one at Barnet Council seems to know. Clearly failing in your duty of care to elderly people is not deemed serious enough to matter.

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