Monday, 15 July 2013

Maria Nash Vs Barnet Council - One Barnet Appeal court hearing

So it all comes down to two days in the Court of Appeal starting today  before The Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Davis and Lady Justice Gloster it is a 10.30 start.

Being a gambling man, if I was Barnet Council I'd be very edgy right now. To get legal aid for such a hearing, a serious justification and chance of success is required. The Judge in the lower court has already decided that the Council have behaved in an unlawful manner. He struck the case out on a technicality. The higher court has greater jurisdiction, therefore can take a wider interpretation of statute. My lawyer friends have given me a range of opinions. Not a single one has said the case is cut and dired in favour of the council. Having said that, we must be realistic. I'd rate the odds as 50/50. As the whole One Barnet scheme is a big punt, I suppose the council think they re reasonable odds.
Barnet Alliance are calling for supporters to attend the Hearing which is being held in court 71.
It will be great if you can get along.
For those who tweet, the hashtag is #BarnetJR - Make sure you follow this for the latest updates !

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