Tuesday, 3 December 2013

One rule for Mike Freer MP and another for the rest of us

Last week Mike Freer MP posted this tweet.

You will notice that all of this rubbish is on the pavement. Anyone who followed the protests will know that the camp was on the grounds of the adjacent Tory office. It appears that the local Tory MP has dumped all of the detritus from the protest on the pavement. The post also implies that Barnet Council has been lumbered with the bill for the cleanup. In this tweet you can see how the pavement was blocked. If a regular resident or a car blocked the pavement in this way, they'd expect a visit from the council or the police to remove it immediately.

What sort of community minded person completely blocks the pavement, forcing mums with prams, old ladies and Children to have to walk in a busy road? Not only that but we have to pick up the bill for Freers dispute. The Barnet Eye has been inundated with complaints from commercial organisations about the cost the council charge to clear up waste. I was recently out at the TS Broadsword Sea Training Corps remembrance day dinner and was informed that the Council are charging them nearly £1,000 per annum to take rubbish away. It really does seem that there is one rule for Mike Freer MP and another for the rest of us. Freer clearly believes the law doesn't apply to him and the council should pick up the bill for his row with Occupy. I bet thousands of local Landlords wished the council took the same view when they had bad tenants.


Anonymous said...

Do you recall Freer's award winning parliamentary speech in the debate about gay marriage (the "need to remember that there are people involved; people's lives are involved")? Turns out it wasn't intended to be part of a campaign for greater tolerance and understanding of our fellow humans; it was just the usual self-serving parliamentary showboating.

I wonder whether he ever considers that if it wasn't for civil disobedience, by people braver than him, his choice of partner would have put him behind bars. Oh well - every silver lining has a cloud.

Moaneybat said...

There's only one detritus in Free'rs office

vote it out! with the detritus running you council and country

Anonymous said...


Love your comment. 110% agree with you about that wally, Freer.