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The Saturday List #99 - The complete list of Saturday Lists!

The next Saturday list will be list #100 - I am amazed that we have got to this number. Just a it of history. I am perhaps a tad OCD, as I enjoy making lists of things. Top ten films, bands etc. I originally just intended to do these sort of things, but soon got blown off track. I've no idea if any of the readers enjoy these, but I enjoy putting them together. There are plenty that I intended to do that I still haven't got around to, such as top ten comics, top ten music mags/fanzines. Sometimes I get inspired. If this list hadn't been list no #99 and I hadn't got it in the can, it would have been Top Ten British female singers, as Robert Elms did this as a Fourfar on his show yesterday and the five were brilliant choices.

As we are on list #99, we thought we'd give you the entire list of Saturday Lists, in order!
A few interesting facts about the list.
List #14 is the most viewed.
List #74 is the least viewed.
List #16 got the most comments.
List #75 got the most likes.
The first list was published on the 9th Feb 2012.
List number #38 was removed for legal reasons ( a funny story really but I can't obviously say what)

As this feature has evolved, it has changed. I made a conscious decision at the start of the year to not do political lists if I could help it and use the slot for interesting / funny things, occasionally with a view to current events.

A few of my personal favourites, #17 The waterways of Barnet,  #33 - The rock and roll history of Barnet, #34 My Top Ten Jukebox tracks, #55 Great Dog walks around Barnet and #87 Top ten bands from around Barnet. Do you have any favourites?

1. The Saturday list #1 - Things which don't live up to their promises
2. The Saturday List #2 - 10 Things which are free that are also priceless
3. The Saturday List #3 - My top 10 films of all time
4. The Saturday List #4 - 30/6/2012 - The things which make me mad
5. The Saturday List #5 - My least favourite sportsmen
6. The Saturday list #6 - 10 Great things we've lost in the London Borough of Barnet
7. The Saturday List #7 - Ten reasons why I write this blog
8. The Saturday List #8 - Ten Barnet Landmarks
9. The Saturday List #9 - The magnificent seven of Barnet *
10. The Saturday list #10 - One Barnet Olympic Sports
11. The Saturday List #11 - Ten tell tale signs of a failed local authority
12. The Saturday List #12 - Ten shops win Mill Hill Broadway which I really miss
13. The Saturday List #13 - The Blogs of Barnet
14. The Saturday List #14 - Famous people associated with The London Borough of Barnet
15.  The saturday list #15 - The achievements of Richard Cornelius as Leader of Barnet Council
16. The Saturday List #16 - The ten most bonkers thing I've seen in The London Borough of Barnet
17. The Saturday List - #17 The waterways of the London Borough of Barnet
18. The Saturday List #18 - The disasters of Mr Nick Walkley - Ex CEO of Barnet Council
19. The Saturday List #19 - The 10 Horrors of The London Borough of Barnet.
20. The Saturday List #19 - Reasons why the Conservatives are still the nasty party
21. The Saturday List #21 - Pubs of Mill Hill
22. TThe Saturday List #22 - How I will spend my lottery winnings
23. The Saturday List #23 - Barnet in the spotlight
24. The Saturday List - #24 - Famous customers of Mill Hill Music Complex
25. The Saturday List #25 - Who the Politicians of Barnet remind me of
26. The Saturday List #26 - The Porkies Barnet are telling about One Barnet
27. The Saturday list #27 - What put the "R" in cRapita
28. The Saturday List #28 - Gigs this year
29. The Saturday List #29 - Women of note in Barnet
30. The Saturday List #30 - Things which I find extremely irritating

31. The Saturday List #31 - My favourite gigs past and present
32. The Saturday List #32 - Songs about Aeroplanes and air travel
33. The Saturday List #33 - The Rock and Roll History of the London Borough of Barnet
34. The Saturday List #34 - My top ten juke box tracks
35. The Saturday List #35 - Ten achievements of Hendon MP Matthew Offord
36. The Saturday List #36 - Odd web things in the London Borough of Barnet
37. The Saturday list #37 - Margaret Thatcher Special - Ten things which changed as a result of Margaret Thatcher
38.  Removed for legal reasons
39. The Saturday List #39 - Ten Great Protest Songs
40. The Saturday List #40 - The five most crass statements I've ever heard
41. The Saturday List #41 - Places which have lost a direct service from Mill Hill Broadway
42. The Saturday List #42 - words where the meaning have changed
43. The Saturday List #43 - The ten most dodgy road junctions for cyclists in Barnet
44. The Saturday List #44 - Five rules to remember for life
45. The Saturday List #45 - Five hints (David Cameron style) for keeping warm in Barnet this winter
46. The Saturday list #46 - Ten tweeters you really should follow
46. The Saturday list #46 - Independent Shops you should check out in Mill Hill
47. The Saturday List #47 - The seven deadly sins - The most missed seven things in Barnet
48. The Saturday List #48 - The 1970's vs the Twenty Teenies
49. The Saturday list #49 - 10 most missed from 2013
50. The Saturday List #50 - The All Time Top Ten blogs
51  The Saturday List #51 - Sibling rivalry gone mad
52. The Saturday list #52 - My ten least favourite roads in Barnet
53. The Saturday list #53 - The ten biggest cock ups in Barnet
54. The Saturday List #54 - The perfect day in the Borough of Barnet
55. The Saturday List #55 - Great Dog walks in and around Mill Hill
56. The Saturday List #56 - Pro Tory stories on the Barnet Times this week
57. The Saturday List #57 - My favourite films of all time
58. The Saturday List #58 - The strangest things I've seen in the London Borough of Barnet

59. The Saturday list #59 - My favourite ever Cafes in the London Borough of Barnet
60. The Saturday list #60 - The top ten most silly tweets in Barnet this week
61. The Saturday List #61 - The Ten Mistakes of the Barnet Labour Party in the 2014 Council Election
62. The Saturday list #62 -Reasons why Your Choice Barnet is a good idea
63. The Saturday List #63 - Things I never thought I'd see
64. The Saturday List #64 - A Holiday at home, great days out on the train from Mill Hill
65. The Saturday List #65 - The Pope's top ten tips for happiness
66. The Saturday List #66 - Scottish Independence - The massive hidden costs for us
67. The Saturday List #67 - The ten fatal mistakes that have doomed Manchester United
68. The Saturday List #68 - 10 tips that could save your life in a fire
69. The Saturday List #69 - Rog T's top ten sex tips !!!!
70. The Saturday list #70 - Ten reasons why UK policy on ISIS is wrong
71. The Saturday list #71 - 10 things to do whilst delayed at an airport
72. The Saturday list #72 - A few things to consider about immigration
73. The Saturday List #73 - 50 things that have changed in my lifetime
74. The Saturday List #74 - 2014 Highlights and lowlights
75. The Saturday List #75 - Forgotten tasty treats
76. The Saturday List #76 - Handy Household Tips
77. The Saturday List #77 - Strange, stupid and downright dishonest - What our politicians say
78. The Saturday List #78 - The best things in life when I was growing up in Mill Hil
79. The Saturday List #79 - My Favourite landmarks in the London Borough of Barnet.
80. The Saturday List #80 - The ten best things in the London Borough of Barnet
81. The Saturday List #81 - The things I Need
82. The Saturday List #82 - Match of the Day pundits who would be more interesting than Alan Shearer
83. The Saturday list #83 - My ten favourite tasty snacks in London
84. The Saturday List #84 - Ten great Barnet ideas that never came to pass
85. The Saturday list #85 - The top ten Euro referendum songs
86. The Saturday List #86 - The things I'm glad. I was wrong about
87. The Saturday list #87 - My Top 10 bands from the London Borough of Barnet
88. The Saturday List #88 - The Top Ten fiascos from Barnet Council
89. The Saturday List #89 - Great Mill Hill Events past and present
90. The Saturday List #90 - The ten most influential organisations in The London Borough of Barnet
91. The Saturday List #91 - The ten best shops in the London Borough of Barnet Past and Present
92. The Saturday List #92 - My Top Ten fave garden flowers right now
93. The Saturday List #93 - Ten reasons to celebrate living in London in 2016
94. The Saturday List #94 - The Top Ten Tory Leadership contest songs
95. The Saturday list #95 - The Ten best things about the river Thames
96. The Saturday list #96 - My Top Ten London Tweets
97. The Saturday List #97 - Ten things I want for our...
98 The Saturday List #98 - Ten most memorable things I've seen at London Railway Stations

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